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Episode 41: Psycho Pass, SAO, Under the Dog, ScarJo GitS
Episode 40: Crunchyroll Awards, JJBA Dub, Anime in Theaters
Episode 39: 2016 in Review with AWO's Gerald and Sci-Fi Juan
Episode 38: Ghibli in Theaters, Diamond is Unbreakable, Yuri on Ice
Episode 37: Fall Anime, Butt Fighting, TEN Years of Propeller Anime
Episode 36: Anime Weekend Atlanta Wrap-Up, Yamaken Thoughts
Episode 35: Berserk Returns, Diamond is Unbreakable. Crunchy x FUNi
Episode 34: The Impact of Hayao Miyazaki
Episode 33: Boy and the Beast, Illegal Streaming, & Crowdfunding
Episode 32: Favorite Anime of 2015
Episode 31: Interview with The Otaku King, Richie Branson!
Episode 30: Manly Han Solo
Episode 29: Fall Anime and 9 Years of Propeller Anime!
Episode 28: Mamoru Hosoda, The True Heir to Hayao Miyazaki
Episode 27: Wicked Anime! E3 Highlights! Goku the Hedgehog!
Episode 26: With SSS's Vinz! Orange Anime, Asia, Spooky Electric!
Episode 25: It's MANIME! The Manly Anime Podcast!
Episode 24: The Tale of Princess Kaguya, Pluto, MegaCon, and Tridents!
Episode 23: Geek Easy, Toonami Cuts, Origa, Colorful, Momo
Episode 22: Favorite Anime of 2014, Bayvangelion, ScarJo, & more!
Episode 21: Interview with AFO''s Erik Reiss!
Episode 20: Fishmen, Naruto, Gundam, and Ghibli!
Episode 19: Dragon*Con, Under the Dog, NEW BAKI, Manga Love!
Episode 18: Anime For Chicks, Sailor Moon Crystal, AFO 15
Episode 17: CNN on Manga, Anime Pet Peeves, Jojo's News
Episode 16: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and the Summer Gauntlet
Episode 15: Anime Is Cooler Than Everything Right Now
Episode 14: MegaCon Recap, Tons of News, The Wind Rises
Episode 13: Spance Daddy, MegaCon Preview, Miyazaki Rant, The French
Episode 12: 2013 Recap, Favorite Anime & Events, Looking to 2014
Episode 11: Kent's Rage, Too Many Cons, 90s Anime
Episode 10: Wrapping Up 2013, Orlando Japan Festival & Mecha Month!

Episode 9: The Good, The Bad & The WTF of Fall 2013 Anime
Episode 8: AWA 19, AoT Round 3, Wolf Children
Episode 7: Miyazaki Retires, AoT Round 2 & AFO14!
Episode 6: The Saga of Chi and Anime Orlando Inc.
Episode 5: Canceling the Apocalypse
Episode 4: Shingeki no Propeller
Episode 3: Parachuting Out of a Snake's Ass!
Episode 2: Dream Con
Episode 1: No Parfait Bullshit

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