Sunday, August 3, 2014

Propeller Anime Radio Episode #18: Anime For Chicks, Sailor Moon Crystal, AFO 15... and the end of Ghibli?!

It's hot outside these days! Stay inside and listen to our latest podcast! Kent and Shamus have a special guest! It's Sarah from Anime Spot!

Sarah co-hosted a panel at Anime Festival Orlando called "Anime for Chicks" and we'll be talking about that, Sailor Moon Crystal, AFO 15, and some news regarding Studio Ghibli and Harmony Gold.


Orlando Nerd Fest this weekend!
Update on Studio Ghibli's talked-about disbandment 
Howl's Moving Castle playing at the Enzian Theater on November 30th!
Harmony Gold cancels Robotech Academy crowdfund
Pre-order the original Sailor Moon on DVD/BluRay!
Watch Sailor Moon Crystal on Crunchyroll!
Watch Love Live! School Idol Project 

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Music used: Moonlight Densetsu(English) from the original Sailor Moon, and 8-bit version!

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