Thursday, May 27, 2010

Propeller Anime Club to announce first batch of events for Anime Festival Orlando XI!

Calling out all local fans of Japanese Anime!

Propeller Anime Club, one of the strongest growing clubs in Florida focused on the interest and promotion of Japanese Anime, will be hosting a solid lineup of events at this year's Anime Festival Orlando! In its eleventh year, Anime Festival Orlando is Florida's favorite anime convention!

How could that be, you ask? AFO services the local anime community by bringing in well known and interesting industry guests to meet and talk with fans, by hosting fun and interactive game-shows all weekend, by showing some of the best of both new and classic anime in their theater seating viewing rooms, and by having a solid schedule of exciting events throughout the entire convention. That's just the tip of the iceberg! Anime fans do not rest and neither does AFO!

Anime Festival Orlando takes place August 5th through 8th at the Wyndham Orlando Resort on International Drive and Sand Lake Road. If you have not registered to get a pass at AFO, you can do so right now.

We at the Propeller Anime Club will be hosting many events and we'll be involved in the ongoing battle in Skies of Orlandia, an interactive convention experience that attendees of AFO can participate in at any time during he convention. PAC's involvement in the Skies of Orlandia game will be discussed at a later time. For now, we have three awesome events that we'd like to officially announce!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Next Propeller Anime Club meeting Sunday, June 6th at 1:00pm!

Next Propeller Anime Club meeting will be on Sunday, June 6th at 1:00pm! The location will be FS3B-113 at Full Sail University! Bring some friends who have never been to club! Those interested in checking things out: we're a fun bunch and we tend to show some good anime. Come and make new friends!

We'll be debuting Samurai 7, a high budget, Gonzo produced anime that is loosely based off of the legendary Akira Kurosawa's masterpiece Seven Samurai. More than half the club are film students so I assuming that you all have seen that film. It's in the Criterion Collection so there's no excuse! (Perhaps we'll show the original film someday just in case.)

Since Samurai 7 won second place in the last democratic vote, this may be the best thing to show right now.

I've read a little bit about the show. The seven samurai of the original film are sort of represented in the series and they are still hired to protect a village of farmers. But it is set in a steampunk setting this time and there is mecha and at some point the samurai are supposed to fight the Emperor. I'm actually really interested in seeing how this series goes.

We'll be watching Baccano! and Gungrave! In Baccano! we'll learn of the origin of the immortals and there will also be an episode starring the lovable and ridiculous robber couple Isacc and Miria! In Gungrave, people who have wronged Grave and those he's loved will probably get shot at by giant guns held in cool, over the top poses. Style points!

Our feature for this showing will be a secret! That's right! I'll bring in something that I bet some of you have never seen before. You won't even know what it is until it starts playing! It's a classic anime film and it is considered by many one of those movies that give legitimacy to anime as an art form. Those are your clues!

Have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend! See you all in June!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Recap of yesterday's meeting! 5/23/10 edition!

Yesterday evening was a club meeting of fun and interesting proportions! Our lineup changed a bit but things turned out well nonetheless.


Cyborg 009 was not brought in yesterday. Not only that, the second volume that one of our club members purchased with the first at MegaCon was empty when we open the case for the first time last meeting. So we've learned to open everything we buy at convention dealer room's immediately. Since many club members were vocal about seeing something else, we will. I took Cyborg 009 to the back and struck its pressure points and it's already dead.

Samurai 7, which won second place in the last democratic voting, will be shown in it's place starting next meeting. It sounds like an exciting series to watch!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Next Propeller Anime Club meeting Sunday, May 23rd at 5:00pm!

Our next meeting will be Sunday, May 23rd at 5:00pm on the campus of Full Sail University in FS3B-113! Fun times await! Now check this: I have an assignment for you all! Oh, yes!

Let's get some new members in our club! Zak and Steve have recruited a bunch of people from their film program and now more than half the current club membership consists of film students! We could expand a bit more!

So here's the deal: if you bring in a new anime fan to our club next meeting, then both you and that person shall get candy! Trust me, that's awesome! This gift also applies to anyone who's been too shy to show up to meetings. Now's your chance!

Just don't be some mentally defective fanboy/fangirl who goes absolutely nuts about their fandom(i.e. a Narutard).

Now as far as what we are showing. Our main feature will be the Sonic OVA that stars that lovable blue hedgehog. It's not Sonic X, just so you know. I haven't seen it yet but from what I read, Ninjas Dr.Robotnik has kidnapped the President(and his daughter) and we get see if Sonic is a bad enough dude to rescue them!

Also showing are more episodes of Cyborg 009, Gungrave, and Baccano! That's a whole lot of people shooting guns!

See you all on the 23rd!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Recap of yesterday's meeting! 5/9/10 edition!

We had a super fun time yesterday as guns were blazing in everything we watched at the meeting!

  • The head of Anime Spot, UCF's anime club, contacted me about the two clubs doing a hangout together in during their Summer term. Our club has a agreed and I have notified their leader! I'll get back to you on that!
  • Panels for AFO that have been approved are starting to be posted on their website, including the Rebirth of Evangelion panel that our guys do so well!
  • The Guin Saga has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks! Here's hoping for an awesome BluRay release!
  • We talked a little bit about Bang Zoom! Entertainment's president Eric Sherman declaring "anime is going to die" and that their studio would stop dubbing anime in 2011 if DVD and BluRay sales did not pick up.
    • Since then, he appeared on ANN's podcast and clarified what he meant. Basically, if sales don't improve, companies won't have money to pay for dub production and cease altogether.
    • He also said that Bandai Entertainment(one of BZ's customers) is depending heavily on the success of the future Haruhi Suzumiya releases and "one other title." 
    • Bandai Entertainment responded saying that things are currently going fine, but if sales don't pick up then no more dubs.
 Say what you will about dubs, you can't argue that they bring in new anime fans. Without dubs, the fandom can't grow. It's as simple as that. We'll see how Bandai Entertainment's future goes.

And now for what we watched!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Next Propeller Anime Club meeting on Sunday, May 9th!

The next Propeller Anime Club meeting will be this Sunday, May 9th at 1:30pm! We will meet at Full Sail University in FS3B-113! Lots of anime fun as we show a classic and debut a new showing!

Our feature showing will be Gunsmith Cats! It's about hot, young chicks that are good with guns, fast cars, and explosives! You do not need to know any more than that.

We shall be debuting Cyborg 009, the winner of last meetings democratic anime battle! It's a short(as in only a small percentage of the show was released in the states) series about nine cyborgs that were once regular humans fighting for their freedom robbed from them by the Black Ghost organization. The orginal manga was created by the LEGENDARY Shotaro Ishinomori, Yeah!

We'll be continuing Gungrave, with Brandon Heat as a zombie and Harry Macdowell has successfully staged his coup to overtake Millenion. Is it time for revenge!?

And we shall be continuing Baccano!, which was extremely hilarious last meeting! All our main characters have been intoduced and get ready for what will be a bloody mess!

See you all soon! Also, AFO is getting closer. Make sure you all check out this article about volunteering!