Thursday, October 28, 2010

Next meeting on Saturday, November 6th!

The next Propeller Anime Club meeting will be on SATURDAY, November 6th at 1pm in FS3B-113(Building 3B) of Full Sail University! The following Sunday will be when we go on our field trip to Orlando Japan Festival!

Our feature showing will be Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis, directed by protege Rintaro. Osamu Tezuka has brought the world Astro Boy, Jungle Emperor Leo, Black Jack, and much more! He has passed on more than 20 years ago but his birthday is on November 3rd so this is how we will honor his legacy!

We'll be finishing Tokyo Magnitude 8.0! Marai has to come to terms with the death of her brother in the wake of her city being destoyed by a massive earthquake. Where will she go from here? Hopefully, there will be some shining in the darkness once this is all over.

We'll be crossing the halfway point of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure as the party FINALLY makes it into Egypt. The final episode of the 2000 OVA will be shown and then we shall continue the story with the first episode of the 1993 OVA. Yes, you read that right! The second half of the story was animated first!

For those not keeping score, fabulous vampire Dio Brando has taken the body of former badass Jonathan Joestar and his descendants Joseph Joestar and Jotaro Kujo vow to take him down. They have to anyways, or else Jotaro's mom will die! Also, 1993 is BIZARRE. They do not mess around in that one. You will see how much an anime adaption can change with a completely different staff.


Our club has desperately needed a comedy for quite some time! The problem is, it's hard to find one that's funny that doesn't use the same 2-3 jokes in cycle or have it's humor based on otaku pandering. With that said, Golden Boy is an anime that is timelessly funny! You game development guys will love the first episode. It's about hot chicks doing what you do!

See you all soon! Make sure you are ready for Orlando Japan Festival as well! And don't forget about our contests!

CONTEST! Design a T-Shirt! Design a Flyer! Win Japanese dinner!

We need to show the world that Propeller Anime Club that we are AWESOME! Whether it is at a convention, at school, the arcade, or if you are me... THE STREETS! So we need cool t-shirts and flyers!

Alas, I have no artistic talent. However, many of you do! So this is your chance to shine and take the club to new levels of LEGENDARY or something.

Design imagery that can be put on a t-shirt that we can order and wear! It has to let people know that we are the Propeller Anime Club and that we are AWESOME!

Recap of the last meeting! 10/24/10 edition!

Sorry for the late recap of the last meeting! For those who are new, I put in notes of what happened at the last meeting to let you know what you missed! This includes club news and what we watched! Black Lagoon was a thrill ride of multiple proportions and we have finished the first series! Revy is definitely one of the hottest anime ladies ever! 

We'll start the second series at the beginning on January. For the time being, we'll watch things that can be finished by the time this year ends!

  • The 4th Year Anniversary party of the Propeller Anime Club took place on Saturday and it was FANTASTIC! Pictures will come, but there was lots of fun with plenty of sweets! An intense Twister tournament took place and the winner was Landen, a new member of the club! Give him a warm welcome! We also watched Wicked City. It was AMAZING! And then we went to Rocky's Replay and Steak n Shake! Thanks to everyone who came out and helped out!
  • I also gave out cool prizes, highlighted our awesome year together, and announced upcoming club events such as...
  • Orlando Japan Festival on November 7th at the Village at Hunter's Creek in west Orlando! Details about the trip can be found here!
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show trip on November 13th! The shadowcast will be at Universal Citywalk's movie theater that night!
  • We have challenged Anime Spot to dodgeball and we will crush them! But we have to challenge Anime Sushi and that anime club at Rollins College first, so we can crush them all AT THE SAME TIME!
  • In addition to crushing Anime Spot in dodgeball, we will also be ice skating with them in Decemeber during Light up UCF. It's a winter event their school has and it sounds like fun!
  • It's time to do the Ninja Olympics again, but we take it to the streets park. That will be in January.
  • Ultimate Gaming Showdown 4 was announced as happening in the future. Details to come!

There will be two contests on going. One for a club t-shirt design, and another for a new flyer design. We gotta show everyone that WE'RE AWESOME! Details in next post!


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Forget the Joestar family, Jean Pierre Polnareff is the main character now! After he shed MANLY TEARS, he and Kakyoin escape certain death. Later, they find J. Geil and Polnareff enforces the second part of True Man Law #10! Then he hit on this hot chick Enya, who is one of Dio's highest servants and has TWO right hands as well. She is obviously J. Geil's mom and wants revenge. She has a stand called Justice, that can control people it puts holes through... like Hole Horse! Get it!?

Tokyo Magitude 8.0

So last time, Yuuki had to go to the hospital and Mirai had a dream that he died. This time, we find out that wasn't a dream and Mirai was talking to a brotherly figment of her imagination. Once she makes it back home, she can't block out his death forever. IT'S TOO BAD THAT STEVEN G. HAD TO LOL FOR REAL WHEN THAT PART HAPPENED. GOD DAMMIT!

We finish the series next time!

Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva

Our feature starred Professor Layton and that audacious brat Luke as they solve puzzles to gain immortality. It was charming and beautifully animated and what was up with that one dude's chest hair!? Anyways, that was a cool movie. Someone liked it better than Wicked City too!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Four Years of Awesome Times! Thank You!

Yup! That is the first ever flyer for the Propeller Anime Club! Four years ago was the very first meeting the club ever had! We never actually showed Castle of Cagliostro that day because I could not acquire it in time and substituted Nausicaa of the Valley of The Wind instead. I also love the note about getting a club logo soon, because it took more than three years for our club to finally have one! Death Note was new at the time and half the people who came left after the first episode because they thought it was boring. I am sure Hot Topic would later change their minds! Great times indeed!

From my perspective, running Propeller Anime Club has been a really fun, learning experience. It all started from seeing students on the Full Sail forum wanting an anime club and at the time I was an instructor so I decided to found the club and be its faculty sponsor since anime has been a big part of my life.

The club has come along a very long way since 2006 and we've done a lot of awesome stuff since then and have shown a lot of cool anime! The club has stood as a place to hang out and watch some awesome Japanese cartoons and we've done pretty good in sticking to that!

There have been some challenges along the way. As the club gets bigger, it is certainly harder to keep track of all the members and learn all the new names. Finding awesome, must-see anime that will be interesting to the club has also gotten more difficult. Oh, and who can forget the problems I have with getting the A/V equipment to work every other meeting? (Even at the very first meeting, I had those problems!)

The last year has been especially interesting with a large focus on showing essential classics to the youngest generation of club members we've ever had! It's very awesome to see that anime of at least 20 years old can still be appreciated by the modern anime fan! We've also mixed in some excellent contemporary anime and over the past year and I think our palettes in anime preferences has expanded, wouldn't you say?

In the future, we'll continue to show awesome things at meetings and fun will alway be had! (Unless I want to make you depressed like that one time I sneak attacked with Grave of the Fireflies.)

Speaking of the future, we'll have many awesome events planned so we can all get to know each other better, create new friendships, strengthen existing ones, and make fun memories! Tomorrow, we shall celebrate our fourth year anniversary with fun, games, prizes, treats, and costumes! We'll also be watching a horror anime that is totally WICKED and may scar some of you for life! If you haven't been to a meeting in a while or at all, you are just as welcome to come as all our regular members! In fact, some of the members you will meet have joined on a past anniversary of the club!

In a couple weeks, we will be attending Orlando Japan Festival which will be lots of fun! Members have proposed some awesome event ideas and in the future, there will be dodgeball, Rocky Horror Picture Show, another hangout with Anime Spot, and perhaps a version of the Ninja Olympics that takes place outside of a convention! Needless to say, there is a fun-filled future for the club.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank everyone who has been a part of the club and has supported it over the last four years. I can say with full confidence that we define what an anime club should be. It's been a blast for me and it would not be possible without you guys being involved!

Kent Ward
Founder of the Propeller Anime Club

Monday, October 18, 2010

Next [Regular] Propeller Anime Club meeting this Sunday, October 24th!

As you know, this Saturday night, we are celebrating the fourth year anniversary of the Propeller Anime Club's founding! (RSVP here!) But the day after, we shall be going to have a regular meeting where awesome anime is watched as usual! Looks like we'll be in FS3B-113 at Full Sail University this Sunday at 1:00pm!

Our feature this time will be Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva! It will be much like the popular video games even down to the whimiscal characters, music, and puzzles! (Or, so I read.) The art for the games have always looked cool so the movie should as well!

Also! Black Lagoon will be FINISHED this Sunday! Yeah, there is a second series, but we'll save that for the beginning of next year! Expect lots of shooting, cussing, and hotness from Revy!

Last time in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Avdol got capped in the head and Polnareff shed MANLY TEARS! True Man Law #10 will be enforced all the way! But what will be faster: Silver Chariot's sword or The Hanged Man's light?

As we approach the end of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, real tragedy strikes our main characters on all fronts. Bring tissues.

Anyways, we have an awesome lineup! It will be a great weekend for the Propeller Anime Club! See you all Saturday night and on Sunday as well!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Recap of the last meeting! Binary edition!

10/10/10 was this past Sunday! In binary, that is 42, the answer to the secret of the universe! With that, it was definitely time to pop many Lupin cherries with Lupin III: The Last Job! That was a fun adventure with Lupin, Jigen, Goemon, Fujiko, and the lovable Zenigata! And those ninjas were pretty rad, especially the ninja dog!

  • EXPCon has come and gone! Nobody in the club went so it is hard to confirm how it good it was!
  • Our fourth year anniversary is coming up soon and we will have a party to celebrate! RSVP here!
  • The next Anime Festival Orlando will be August 4th-7th, 2011!
  • Speaking of festivals, we will be having a field trip to west Orlando for the Orlando Japan Festival on November 7th! Details here!
  • Jay and Silent Bob are doing a live podcast in Orlando on Wednesday, March 30th at the Hard Rock Live Orlando! That's right after MegaCon!
  • We will be challenging all other anime clubs in Orlando for supremacy, in a dodgeball tournament! Details to come!

Black Lagoon:
  • That Colombian Cartel gets owned, leaving Roberta the assassin maid and Revy to go at it in some HOT girl on girl action!
  • It was hot.
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
  • Robots to the rescue! And a super robotaku is introduced for an episode. He was an alright guy.
  • Yuuki got sick and collapsed and Steven G. thought that was funny. Booooo.
  • Nobody died.
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
  • The gang try flying a plane but it crashes because Joseph Joestar was on it. (It's funny if you read the Part 2 of the manga.)
  • Then they go ON A BOAT! And the boat is a stand! And the stand user is an orangatang! MADNESS!
  • The crew meets Jean Pierre Polnareff, a Frenchman who inspired Benimaru's character design in The King of Fighters and has a stand called Silver Chariot.
  • Polnareff joins the crew after Advol owns him hard. From now on, everything terrible in the series will happen to him because he's French.
  • They make it to India where everyone is poor and Polnareff leaves to find the killer of his sister. (He has two right hands due to family in-breeding!)
  • Avdol gets capped in the head by a classy stand user named Hol Horse. Polnareff cried manly tears. EVERYONE in this club should know what that means for next time!
The fourth year anniversary club part will be on Saturday, October 23rd! Please come out whether you are new to the club, been gone a while, or just a friend of ours! We'd love to see everyone!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Next Propeller Anime Club meeting on Sunday, October 10th!

Next club meeting will be on Sunday, October 10th at 1:00pm at Full Sail University! Since there will be an open house on campus, we shall go into hiding at FS3F-112, in the building closest to Wendy's and Winghouse. It's made of bricks.

Our feature showing will be the much talked about television special that aired in Japan earlier that year, Lupin III: The Last Job! I haven't seen it yet but Lupin and his usual friends are trying to steal a treasure. (I'm just as surprised as you are!) But so are ninjas! Zenigata, the inspector that always tries to capture Lupin, may or may not have been killed by said ninjas. It's Lupin III so chances of it being awesome are pretty high!

In addition, we'll be showing episodes 3 and 4 of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. With his mother's life on the line, Jotaro Kujo and his grandfather Joseph Joestar, along with Advol and Kakyoin head to Egypt to kill the vampire Dio Brando, who not only has the body of ancestor Jonathan Joestar, but is the root of the deadly illness Jotaro's mother faces!

The trip will not go as planned and the party will learn that enemy stands can do just about anything and wielded by just about anyone. (Well, anyone that can posses stands.) The series will soon live up to its name as a bizarre adventure!

In Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, we'll be showing episodes 7 and 8! Remember those rescue robots in episode 1? Good! Also, it looks the trip so far will take a massive toll on one of the three main characters that are trying to make it back home. Will someone die!? (Actually, I don't know yet.)

In episodes 9 and 10 of Black Lagoon, Revy will swear a lot and shoot people! Actually, they were delivering a package in the form of a child of a wealthy family to be sold to a Colombian cartel. Except Roberta, the family's maid who's actually a KILLER SUPER SOLDIER ASSASSIN CHICK, will have something to say about that!

Lots of excitement to look forward to! Hope to see you all on the 10th!