Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Spring PAC meeting Sunday, April 3rd at 1:00PM!

Hey anime fans! Did you like how we rolled at MegaCon!? We hope you had fun! We have a bunch to wrap up in regards to that but we do want to get back to showing off some cool anime! Our first meeting of the Spring quarter will be on Sunday, April 3rd at 1PM at Full Sail University in FS3F-112 in Building 3F! (Near Wendy's)

For those who've never been to a PAC meeting, it's free and we watch a bunch of anime and have some lively discussions about what we watch. Since MegaCon just finished, there will be much to discuss about the weekend. We show several on-going series, followed by a feature to wrap up the meeting in an awesome way!

Speaking of features, we will be showing the first movie Hayao Miyazaki ever directed, and that will be Castle of Cagliostro! It stars the cast of Lupin III going for another caper that deals with an evil baron and his plans to produce high quality counterfeit bills from all the major nations, all while forcefully marrying a girl that has caught Lupin's eye!

But that is not all! We start watching three series this meeting! We have the fantasy classic, Record of Lodoss War, which is essentially a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Then there is Gainax's stylish mecha classic Gunbuster, and then we have a newer series that fans of Baccano! should like in Durarara!!

Created by Baccano's Ryohgo Barita, Durarara!! is about a dullahan working as an underworld courier in Ikebukuro, Japan, an internet-based anonymous gang called Dollars, and the chaos that unfolds around the most dangerous people in Ikebukuro.

Planned Schedule
1:00PM - Introductions and MegaCon discussion
1:15PM - Record of Lodoss War 1 & 2
2:05PM - Gunbuster 1 & 2
3:10PM - Intermission (This means hang out, get food, etc.)
3:35PM - Durarara!! 1 & 2
4:25PM - Castle of Cagliostro

As always, feel free to come in forever you want to see! We have a lot of great stuff lined up! Also, check out our next Anime Nite @ The Geek Easy!

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Big Thanks To All The Fans For MegaCon 2011!

MegaCon this past weekend was a big deal for many fans, and Propeller Anime Club was proud to be a part of the convention! Our members hosted many panels that covered Neon Genesis Evangelion, Rumiko Takahashi's works, Pokemon, MANIME, Axis Powers Hetalia and much more!

Not only that, but we also hosted events that included Super Anime Trivia, Anime Debate Tournament, the Quickdraw! Contest, Ninja Olympics and the convention-ending Karaoke Party!

We had a lot of fun at those events and we hope you did as well, whether you participated or watched!

We took many photos and filmed many events and we plan to get those up for you all to check out as soon as we can! We'll announce our contest winners this week too!

If you like what we did at MegaCon and want to get involved with us, we do hold meetings in Winter Park twice a month to watch lots of anime.

As a matter of fact, we'll be having a meeting this Sunday, April 3rd at 1:00PM at the Full Sail University campus. Room to be announced tomorrow! (You don't have to be student or staff to attend meetings.)

We'll be starting three series(Durarara!!, Record of Lodoss War, and Gunbuster) and finishing up the meeting with Hayao Miyazaki's classic debut film as a director, Castle of Cagliostro! We'll also be talking MegaCon and planning when we shall see REDLINE at the Florida Film Festival in April!

Other than that, I personally would like to thank my awesome crew for making this MegaCon run so well! That would be George T, Carlos R, Zak W, Steven G, Jessica R, Noah R, Emilio C, Jean-Louis, Fuzzy, Bhrohammer, Tara, Goggins, Scott W, Shawn W, Russbus, and Waldo for putting in a tremendous amount of work this weekend!

But that is not all!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

We'll be at MegaCon! Follow us on Twitter @PropellerAnime!

MegaCon is coming up this weekend and it will be an exciting time! We'll be hosting contests, events, and panels all weekend. Look for us in the W224 rooms or at our table in front of W224B. We look forward to see many fans and hopefully some cool, new members that can attend our meetings!

Speaking of which, our next meeting will be Sunday, April 3rd at 1:00PM at Full Sail University. Room and building location to be announced next week. We'll be starting three new series: Gunbuster, Record of Lodoss War, and Durarara!! We will also decide which night we will see REDLINE at the Florida Film Festival!

But that's not all! At the end of each meeting, we show a feature. This time, it will be Hayao Miyazaki's directorial debut, Castle of Cagliostro! It's certainly one of those movies every anime fan should see and a great way to start off the new quarter schedule.

We hope you have at MegaCon or are having fun at MegaCon if you are seeing this over the weekend! Please follow us on twitter @PropellerAnime since that is where updates on our events will be posted this weekend.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Anime Nite @ The Geek Easy on Friday, April 8th! Gundam U.C. with Cardboard Box Robot Wars!

Propeller Anime Club will be at A Comic Shop on Friday, April 8th at 8PM to host another exciting Anime Nite @ The Geek Easy! Last time was a little ice breaker to know that anime will be seen monthly at Orlando's #1 comic book store. This time we get real!

Our feature will not be a cage match, but an all out war! We will watch the epic Gundam Unicorn. Just seeing that trailer should get you all pumped! What's great about this series is that you don't have to know anything about the Gundam franchise in order to enjoy this.

Gundam Unicorn is it's own story and it's an exciting ride for anyone wanting to see a lot of action and drama. Plus, those robots looks friggin' awesome!

We'll be showing all three episodes, one after another. Gundam Unicorn is one of the hottest anime series of the past year and you won't want to miss it at The Geek Easy!


We will be holding a contest to see who can build the best of all cardboard box robot costumes, using cardboard, foil, tape, and construction paper as building materials! We'll start things up at 8PM and we'll go for an hour! (With Gundam Unicorn starting at 9PM)

Teams will consist of three participants each: two to construct the costume and one to wear it. It's a good idea to plan what you want to do. We'll supply the building materials and the tools, you make the robots. Around 9PM, we'll judge the entries and pick the winning robot!

We suggest you strive for more than this:

Once again, Anime Nite @ The Geek Easy will be on Friday, April 8th at 8PM at A Comic Shop at 114 South Semoran Blvd.Winter Park, FL. The event is free! Don't miss it!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Recap of yesterday's meeting! 3/20/11 edition!

Man, that was a great way to end the quarter! We had exciting finishes to Cromartie High School, Mobile Suit Gundam: The 8th M.S. Team, and FLCL!

We also got to do a test run of Anime Debate Tournament, a new event to be held at this year's MegaCon! We had four teams of three debate over topics such as "Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan is a manly anime" "Anime needs more black people" and "Vic Mignogna is still a contender to headline conventions and anime."

It was great discussion overall, and we got to refine the rules of the event before it goes live at 5PM this Friday in W224D of the Orange County Convention Center. Sign-ups will be held at our table in front of W224B from 1PM to 4:30PM. You should check out the details and rules of the event here.

We also determined what anime we shall show in April, May, and June. For series, we shall have Record of Lodoss War, Gunbuster vs Diebuster, and Durarara!! For features the club selected Castle of Cagliostro, Legend of Koizumi, One Piece: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island, Arcadia of my Youth, Armitage III, and Interstella 5555!

With these, the upcoming showing of REDLINE at the Florida Film Festival in April, and our Anime Nites @ The Geek Easy, it's going to be a great spring! Our first meeting of the next quarter will begin on Sunday, April 3rd!

By the way, if you are going to MegaCon this weekend and have a smart phone with access to twitter, please follow us @PropellerAnime so you can get full updates on our events at the convention!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Next Propeller Anime Club meeting on Sunday, March 20th!

The next meeting of Propeller Anime Club will be on Sunday, March 20th at 1pm in FS3F-111 in Building 3F at Full Sail University. This will be the last meeting before MegaCon, and our last meeting of the first quarter of 2011. This means we end three series and decided where to go next. But that is not all! We have an event to test run!

Did organizing the schedule into quarters work for meetings? Did we watch some cool stuff? What will we start in April? Will Cromartie High School ever make sense?

Planned Schedule

1:00PM - Introduction and News
1:10PM - Cromartie High School 22 - 26 (END)
2:00PM - Mobile Suit Gundam: The 8th M.S. Team (END)
3:00PM - Intermission
3:25PM - Anime Debate Tournament: Test Run
4:15PM - FLCL 4 - 6 (END)
5:25PM - Decide The Anime Q2

Anime Debate Tournament Test Run

We are debating Anime Debate Tournament at MegaCon days later and some of us want to do a test run to make sure we are ready for the primetime! What does this mean for us? Well, we need three (3) teams of three (3) contestants to participate in the event. This will give our emcee a chance to warm up and the rest of staff to determine the flow.

Check the rules of our event and see if you want to form teams. Everyone who participates gets candy!

Decide The Anime Q2

Last December, we looked at what anime we would show starting this year. We will be finishing all of those on Sunday! With that said, we need to figure out what we will watch as a club! So I have listened to some suggestions and have also thought heavily on interesting anime the club needs to see and would enjoy.

Twelve (12) series and twelve (12) features are being put up for vote. For the second quarter that goes from April to June, three (3) series and (6) six features will be selected by you guys! It's a lot of great stuff from different genres and eras, including some newer stuff.

I'll go over what each anime is and why it's interesting and you will let me know which ones you like and would totally come to meetings to watch without staring at FaceBook or World of Warcraft the whole time. The anime that get the most amount of likes will be the ones we show. It's that simple!

Cromartie High School

Oh Cromartie, you are so crazy and badass! We will miss your crazy logic, your absurd conversations that are completely irreverent, and most of all... we will miss Freddie. Gorilla will star in a couple of these episodes and there will be a surprise ending that may mess with some of you guys!

Mobile Suit Gundam: The 8th M.S. Team

Man, the last few episodes have been amazing. Shiro and Aina have become lovers. Ginias has become mad during the creation of Zeon's Apsalus mobile armor. Shiro has faced pending court martial only to quit the Earth Federation and fight for his own justice. And Aina is now forced to pilot the Apsalus against the man whom she loves. It's the end of a Gundam story so expect death tolls on both sides and an all-out explosive finish!

FLCL 4 -6

This series is all over the place. We have a kid with horns coming out of his head that become monsters, an out-of-this-world chick who fights them with a bass guitar, and a robot that was a monster that merges with the kid to become a super monster-fighting machine! Oh and there is a lot of "Fooly Cooly" going on, whatever that means...

It's the most bizarre coming of age story ever told in anime and we shall finish it up this upcoming meeting! See you there!

Monday, March 7, 2011

PAC goes bowling on 3/13!

It's time to get together for some bowling fun! It's a great chance for some of the newer members of the club to get more involved and for everyone to just hang out and chill!

Aloma Bowl is five minutes of driving from Full Sail or about 10-15 minutes of walking. Shoe rentals per person cost about $3 and games are $4 per person. So we'll bowl a couple games which means it will cost about $10 per person to play.

If you don't want to bowl and just want to hang out, that is fine! There are pool tables, air hockey, Hydro Thunder, a bar, and concessions.

Outside food is not allowed but things like cake and cookies are okay.

RSVP here on Facebook!