Thursday, January 31, 2013

Propeller Anime Radio Episode #1: No Parfait Bullshit

After years of demand, Propeller Anime hosts their first podcast episode! We're still green to this podcast game, but we'll quickly get very good. Not only do you get a full episode, but a bonus 20 minutes of content! Your hosts are Kent Ward and Shamus Oddish.

Topics include:

- What we do and why we're badass
- Transitioning from a college club to a public group
- Becoming Anime Fans
- Shamus remembers how hard it was to be a Dragonball fan in the 90s
- Our awesome 2012
- A recap of the saga of ROBAMA
- Which Anime Nite was a train wreck?
- Going to out of state anime conventions and the frustration with Florida anime conventions
- Thoughts on voice actor panels
- Which voice actor panel does Kent think is absolutely worthless?
- Hot news in 2012 that still matters
- Favorite/best anime of 2012
- Which 2012 show fell short of making the cut?
- Upcoming events for Propeller Anime!

We'll try to do at least one podcast a month and we'll keep them shorter from now on! That said, we hope you enjoy and stick with us because we'll be getting even better at this!

E-mail questions for mailbag sessions on our podcast to!

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