Thursday, October 6, 2016

Propeller Anime Radio #36: Anime Weekend Atlanta 2016 wrap-up, Thoughts on Yamaken

We're back from Anime Weekend Atlanta 2016, which was an epic weekend with over 28,000 anime fans and whatnot running wild. In this post-con podcast, Kent is joined by his AWA roommates Jacob, Nick, Travis, and It's MANIME co-host Shawn Wilson to cover quite a bit!

- Full Report of our Anime Weekend Atlanta experience
- AWA vs Florida conventions
-Thoughts on Haruhi Suzumiya director's comments "Anime is Dead"
- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure hitting mainstream on Toonami
- Diamond is Unbreakable goes live-action
- Baki the Grappler anime returns!
- Fist of the North Star's Buronson teams up with Ryoichi Ikegami
- Oh, and this Japanese Donald Trump commercial

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