Monday, March 29, 2010

PAC Spring Break BBQ and Pool Party!

The best way to eat meat is with FIRE! Spring Break for Full Sail students starts this weekend! Many are staying in town so we shall get together for fun in the sun! We are getting together at Azure Winter Park(where several club members live) at 2pm this Sunday! Important details can be found here!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Recap of today's meeting! 3/27/10 edition!

Today was our first meeting after MegaCon which means we can finally shut up about it for a while. It's too bad we already started talking about Anime Festival Orlando, happening August 6th - 8th! A few people were new to the club today and we discovered that way more than half of the club are film students! Here's a rundown of what happened:
  • Talked about what we liked and did not like at MegaCon and shared stories and videos.
  • Discussed AFO. Panel submissions, artist alley, and of course Skies of Orlandia!
  • We celebrated Brent and Roger's birthdays! If you see either anytime soon, wish them a happy birthday!
  • Brandon Heat got all gussied up for Gungrave. Harry is trying to set up traitors while he himself is planning to pull a coup on Millenion.
  • Lots of shooting and explosions, featuring Bunji Kugashira! He's straight out of a John Woo 80s flick!
  • LoL
  • Some people nobody liked died in The Guin Saga. Which should be called The Naris Saga because the 3 episodes we watched were all about him. Guin was probably in the whole thing for like 6 minutes max.
  • Guin did cut through a assassin, cutting a tree in half. It was so exciting!
  • Naris has been in drag quite a bit while Istovan has taken his own path to become a king. Is it me or did Rinda and Remus grow taller?
  • We caught up on Dragonball Z: Abridged. They made filler fun!
  • Lots of club members staying in town for spring break. This means barbeque and pool party next weekend! Details to come soon!
  • Zak proposed we show Baccano! in the near future. I am behind this. Brent proposed something but I cannot remember what it was!
  • Lastly, we showed Satoshi Kon's Paprika. People claimed to "get it." And or course everyone made fun of the fat dude, Tokita.
  • Did that big climax remind anyone else of Ultraman?
Next meeting will be on Saturday, April 10th for sure! Cencoroll will be shown as our feature. Since there will be no classes that day, getting a room at a reasonable time will be quite easy! Stay tuned for future announcements!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Anime Guide 2010

Click the following image to enlarge.

The Internet released a guide to the Sping 2010 set of anime coming out in Japan. Plenty of stuff coming out as always, including a bunch of sports anime. As far as showing these in club meetings, I'd prefer to wait and see if any turn out to be any good. Most anime will have a good hook to draw in the viewer and then will untimately suck after a few episodes. There's no sense in us being on the bleeding edge of a pile of crap. So we shall wait and see for now.

If any of these shows are still enjoyable after a dozen episodes, let me know!

No, we will not show Kiss x Sis. Ever.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

MetroCon and Anime Festival Orlando!

Hey guys! MegaCon is long over and there are two more anime conventions in Central Florida to get excited about. They are both in the summer so you have time to save your money!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Next Propeller Anime Club meeting on Saturday, March 27th at 4:00pm!

This Saturday, March 27th we will be meeting on the campus of Full Sail University to have fun and watch anime! Our feature showing will be Satoshi Kon's Paprika. You may recall that we watched Perfect Blue at the last club meeting. It was a great movie and the first that Satoshi Kon directed. Paprika is the most recent full-length film that he directed so we will be able to see how is abilities have evolved from 1998 to 2006.

We will also continue on with Gungrave and Guin Saga. Hopefully, we will finish Guin Saga in the next few meetings. It is getting pretty exciting as it appears someone may die soon! We will also share our experiences of MegaCon; good, bad, and just plain weird!

The meeting time will be at 4:00pm and hopefully room FS3B-113 will be available. I do know that finals will be taking place that day but hopefully we will have room free for us regardless.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

We want your pictures and videos!

Hey everyone! We're been looking on the internet for pictures and videos of our MegaCon events. We know they exist because we saw you all with cameras at our events! A lot of you got our flyers and hopefully held on to them long enough to discover our website! Anyways, if you have any pictures or video taken of our event, we'd love to post them up!

You can either post links in the comments or you can e-mail them to me at ward.kent_at_gmail_dot_com. I will give you credit for your work if that is something you want!

Looks like our next meeting will be on Sunday, March 28th. We meet on the campus of Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL. The time and location are both tentatively set for 1:00pm in room FS3B-113. We should have no problem getting that room but I'll have a more official post next week!

We're definitely showing Gungrave and The Guin Saga. Both are great series! We are almost halfway through Gungrave and 2/3s into Guin Saga. We normally show a movie since that is something that can be started and finished within a meeting and is great for anyone who can't be at every meeting or just started. I am open to suggestions and I recall hearing one for Satoshi Kon's Paprika. I am totally down for that and I am open to more ideas until this weekend is over.

Monday, March 15, 2010

MegaCon 2010 Quickdraw! Contest Winners!

Yesterday at MegaCon, the Propeller Anime Club hosted the Quickdraw! Contest. It gave aspiring artists a chance to show off their skills in a fun and creative manner with the possibility of winner cool anime DVDs! There were three 20 minute sessions set up by our judges where artists had to draw something based on the topic presented in the session.

The sessions were "Dinosaurs on Rollerskates", "Things that cannot be Unseen at a Convention", and "Koolaid Man starring in your favorite Anime or Videogame." I swear I had nothing to do with the session choices!

We had a novice and advance placement for each session and the first place winners of each session got to pick from one our DVD sets that included the likes of Saint Seiya, Cromartie High, Captain Herlock(yes, I know), and other cool stuff!

I do apologize in advance in the scan quality. Hopefully we can find a solution for this next year. Without further ado, here are the winners of this year's QuickDraw! Contest!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

An Epic MegaCon time!

Hey everyone, thanks for coming out to MegaCon and checking us out! We did awesome events such as the Ninja Olympics, the Quickdraw! Contest, and the Sunday afternoon Karaoke. We also hosted great panels such as "Anime is Already Dead?", "Rebirth of Evangelion", the "Panel about Everything!", "How to be a Pokemon Master", "It's MANIME! The Manly Anime panel", "Otaku Survival Guide", and "G.I.T.S. - Analysis of Ghost in the Shell".

If you stopped by any of these events, we hope you had lots of fun! We would also like to thank Anime Sushi for letting us host those events and giving us the opprotunity to shine!

Personally, I want to thank Noah, Waldo, Emilio, Jean Louis, Zak, Steven, Veronica, Liam, Tara, Kurt, Brent, AJ, and Roger for stepping up and kicking ass this past weekend! Not only did some host events, but everyone got involved with helping Anime Sushi out behind the scenes and they were more than willing to help out a new friend of ours at the FUNimation booth during MegaCon. I am truly proud of each and every one of you!

I would also like to thank the extended family of the Propeller Anime Club for their contributions during the weekend. Jess, Jared, Shawn, Fuzzy, John, Brandon, Victor, and Brotha Kyo: You guys did awesome and we truly appreciate working with you!

We hope that those of you who found out about us at MegaCon will stay in touch! We are planning to have a meeting on March 28th. We need a lot of rest after MegaCon and some details will be coming soon. I believe that Anime Sushi will be holding a meeting on this Saturday, March 20th. Stay tuned to both of us as we wrap up a great convention and the memories that have come from it!

Once again, thank you all for coming!

Monday, March 8, 2010

MegaCon 2010 this weekend!

After months of preparation and anticipation, MegaCon 2010 will be this weekend at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Propeller Anime Club will be putting on many events in Anime Sushi's anime events track including the Ninja Olympics, Quickdraw! Contest, and Karaoke! We shall be hosting a wide range of panels in addition to our bigger events.

Anime Sushi will be hosting some impressive events that include the state's biggest Anime Costume Contest, the Cyberia anime-themed dance party, Iron Cosplay, the AMV Contest, and their Plants vs Zombies costume contest! They will even be holding a weekend-long Pocky Photo Patrol contest sponsored by Glico!

When we did our Guide to MegaCon 2010, we outlined what to expect at the convention in our introduction. I also wrote an extensive convention survival guide for those new to MegaCon(or still haven't figured out how to have fun at MegaCon yet).

Pre-registration is over, but you can buy your passes at the door. Keep in mind that the lines for registration will be long so come as early as you can so you can have more fun at the convention! If you park at the convention center, it will be $8 a day for their parking.

Anime guests this year include Sonny Strait, Darrel Guilbeau, Cherami Leigh, Chuck Huber, Neil Kaplan, and cosplayer Yaya Han. Some cool media guests showing up will be Levar Burton, James Hong, Billy Dee Williams, Ray Park, Jerry "The King" Lawler, and Nichelle Nichols. There will be lots of awesome comic book guests including George Perez, Alvin Lee, Frank Cho, Tim Townsend, and more!

There are a bevy of anime events lined up for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Try to see as much as you can and check out our events as well!

Main Events Schedule

Special Events Schedule
Workshops & Panels Schedule

As anything can happen leading up to the convention. Schedule and guests are subject to change. Other than that, see you all this weekend and have fun!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Say hello to our new friends: Next Level LAN!

Quite a few of us made it out to Next Level Lan's first Anime Night! It was quite a good time! They showed Princess Mononoke, a fantastic film directed by anime legend Hayao Miyazaki!

They also had a costume contest that our own Jean Louis entered and an anime trivia contest that I beat Fuzzy in! They gave out day passes for MegaCon to winners of both contests which is quite awesome of them! They also raffled off gift cards for game time to use their establishment.

Next Level LAN does a great job in filling in the much needed LAN center by Full Sail University that has been unfullfilled for way too long. They have a lot of PCs set up, a Rock Band room, and a room dedicated to console gaming that had the widescreen projector they used to show the movie. They also have the coolest bathrooms I have ever seen!

Pam and Dante were very hospitable to us last night and put on a fun time! The event had great energy and it looks like they will do more Anime Nights in the future. Now that we are all friends, I'll be sure to post whenever they have an upcoming Anime Night!

Until then, you can follow them on FaceBook to keep up with all of their announcments! And for those of you who found out about us last night, you can join our group on FaceBook or follow us on our Twitter! We'll be at MegaCon for great justice!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

When is the next meeting??

I know I didn't write a recap for the last meeting. Mainly because the Italian take on animation with Titanic: The Adventure Continues warped my fragile little mind. That was easily the worst thing our club as ever watched together. More so than that anime about the girls in maid outfits that shall remain nameless.

Anyways, I have no clue when we will schedule the next anime club meeting. MegaCon is coming up. We're doing a lot of events, but one that is close enough to a meeting is the Propeller Anime Potluck at 12:00pm in W224B. We're showing some older anime that predates Inu Yasha and Naruto. It will be the only time you see classic anime at the convention.

We'll show the first episodes of shows such as Ranma 1/2, Berserk, Those Who Hunt Elves, Outlaw Star, and Mobile Suit Gundam: The 8th M.S. Team. Those are all classic shows in their own right so if you happen to be at MegaCon: come in, socialize, and learn what it is like to be at a Propeller Anime Club meeting!

Sometime after MegaCon, there will be a meeting this month. I'll know by the end of MegaCon Sunday how I will feel. Hopefully that NERD RAGE that creeps up at the end will not consume me this time.

Tonight, however, is the first Anime Night at Next Level LAN. They are located on Forsyth and University. They have a costume contest, trivia contest, and anime viewings planned. You can also pay for LAN games. They set up a FaceBook event page you can RSVP at.