Throughout the year, Propeller Anime will be hosting a plethora of anime showings, parties, convention events, and more! Check back here regularly to see when we are hosting our next event!

Upcoming Events

January 17th - Anime Nite Orlando: Best of 2018 Showcase

February 21st - Anime Nite Orlando

March 21st - Anime Nite Orlando

Past Events

January 18th - Anime Nite Orlando: Best of 2017
February 3rd - Orlando Anime Day meetup
February 11th - Mazinger Z Infinity at Regal Winter Park Village
February 15th - Anime Nite Orlando feat. In this Corner of the World
March 15th - Anime Nite Orlando feat FLCL and more!
April 19th - Anime Nite Orlando: Cowboy Bebop 20th Anniversary
May 6th - Bowling and Hangout at Boardwalk Bowl
May 17th - Anime Nite Orlando feat Robot Carnival and Inuyashiki
June 21st - Anime Nite Orlando: Ninja Scroll 25th Anniversary
June 29th to July 1st - Events at CEO Daytona 2018
July 19th - Anime Nite Orlando : Sports Anime Showcase
August 3rd to 5th - Events at Anime Festival Orlando
August 16th - Anime Nite Orlando: It's MANIME!
September 8th - Orlando Anime Day meetup
September 13th - Anime Nite Orlando: Music Anime Night
September 21st to 23rd - Events at Anime Weekend Atlanta
October 18th - Anime Nite of HORROR
October 27th - Propeller Anime's 12th Anniversary Halloween Party!
November 4th - Orlando Japan Festival meetup
November 15th - Anime Nite Orlando: Classic Gainax and Food Drive
December 8th - Mamoru Hosoda's Mirai at Regal Winter Park Village
December 20th - Anime Nite Orlando and Holiday Toy Drive

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