About Us

Propeller Anime, Orlando's Mightiest Anime Club, was founded on October 22nd, 2006.

Since that day, we evolved into an independent organization that anime fans in central Florida can look toward as one the best groups providing the hottest anime events and showings around.

There are three goals for Propeller Anime. They are in order of importance:

1.) To show great anime, from all genres and eras.
2.) To provide a fun social environment for anime fans.
3.) To contribute to the local anime community by helping out at events and conventions.

Anime Nite Orlando

Anime Nite Orlando is a FREE event that happens every month. We show lots of cool anime at a venue that is great for anime fans to gather at. Sometimes we have raffles and parties, but things are always fun! Check our schedule to see when and where are next showing is!

Special Events

Once in a while we'll host non-viewing events for our members and the general public that are not focused on showing anime. In the spring, we help host the music festival known as Ongaku Overdrive! We have an anniversary party in October and a holiday charity party in December.

Other things we've done include dodgeball, bowling, videogames, barbecues, pool parties, and going to the theaters. Occasionally, we get together with other local clubs such as Anime Sushi and Anime Spot for additional fun.


We host panels, contests, and other events at conventions in the southeast. Conventions we have been to include Anime Festival Orlando, MegaCon, Knightrokon, SwampCon, and Anime Weekend Atlanta.

Some of our contests and events include Ninja Olympics, Karaoke, Super Anime Trivia, Quickdraw! Contest, and Iron Cardboard Robot Cosplay. In addition to that, we ran four years of the interactive Orlandia event held annually at AFO.

If you'd like to know more about us or have any inquiries, e-mail us at propelleranime[at]gmail[dot]com.