Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Holidays from Propeller Anime Club!

Hey anime fans! Happy Holidays from the greatest anime club in the galaxy! We hope you stay warm with some good anime and get some more as presents this Christmas!

Speaking of presents, did you know that RightStuf has a super sweet Christmas sale that ends this Friday!? It's not too late to get some last minute presents! All items listed from all twelve days are fair game and there is literally something for everyone and then some! If you can't find something you like, well, I really don't know what to say!

From that sale, I recommend Samurai Champloo, Eden of the East, Dead Leaves, Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum Collection, Those Who Hunt Elves, Tylor, Irresponsible Captain TV, Halo Legends(yes, really), and the first Dragonball Z Dragon Box! There are some other things that might be worth looking into as well!

Don't want to spend money and would prefer to watch anime for free? That's cool, check out all of the original Mobile Suit Gundam on streaming services. It's still pretty cool and knowledge of that series earns you instant street cred as an anime fan.

It also helps because we'll be bringing REAL GUNDAM to Propeller Anime Club meetings this upcoming quarter. That's right; starting on January 9th, we will be showing mecha war drama Mobile Suit Gundam: The 8th M.S. Team! But that's not all! We'll also have manly comedy Cromartie High School and the return of psychotic gunslinger Revy in Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage!

We have a lot of great stuff planned when we get back together next year. Cool anime, great movies, and fun outings! Until then, enjoy your holiday!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Recap of the Final Meeting of 2010! Farewell to a Grand Year!

Man, last night was quite the way to end the Propeller Anime Club's meetings for 2010! In true fashion, we had to find a new room yet again, and we also had a casualty in lacking Sword of the Stranger to show!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Final Anime Club Meeting of the Year on Sunday, December 12th!

Last meeting was definitely fun and had some unexpected happenings! We actually ended up finishing both Golden Boy and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, leaving Bastard!! as the only series left to wrap up this final meeting of the year! A lot of fun has been had, and with finals in progress and holiday travels coming up, it will be time to say our goodbyes until next year.

The final Propeller Anime Club meeting of 2010 will be Sunday, December 12th at 4:00pm in FS3B-112 of Building 3B at Full Sail University. There are no classrooms open from 1pm. unfortunately.

It's later than usual, so I will bribe you all with raffle tickets! Everyone who shows up gets a ticket and two will be drawn. Both winners will recieve a movie theater ticket to the live-action film screening of Gantz on Thursday, January 20th at 8:00pm at Regal Waterford Stadium 20! That is awesome!

In addition to finishing Bastard!!, we will have a double feature. That would be Sword of the Stranger, which we did not get to show last time, and the late Satoshi Kon's Tokyo Godfathers. We've seen Perfect Blue, Paprika, and Millenium Actress this year, thus making it the perfect way to end our 2010!

Planned Schedule:

4:00pm - Final Introduction and News
4:10pm - Bastard!!
5:10pm - Sword of the Stranger
6:50pm- Intermission
7:05pm - Tokyo Godfathers
8:35pm - Planning for Q1 2011,  Contest Showcases, and Gantz raffle

That last part is important. Because of last meeting's unexpected ending due to the crazy December schedule of Full Sail University, we never got around to our contests, so they will be extended to this final meeting. We will also use this time to discuss anime we will watch and hangouts we will have during Q1 2011.

Rules for both the flyer contest and the t-shirt contest can be found here. The more submissions we have, the more likely that there will be other contests in the future.

For those who unfortunately can't join us, We hope you have an excellent Holiday break. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter as well as this blog for announcements!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Recap of today's meeting! 12/5/10 edition!

Let's try a simpler recap! This meeting was fun, though there were a couple hiccups! Here are the notes!
  • It turns out classes are being schedule on Sundays at Full Sail this month. This will make finding room space even more difficult!
    • We had to move to a different room for this reason.
  • This also means that we never got to see Sword of the Stranger or handle the contests we have been discussing.
    • Sword of the Stranger and the contests will be on our final meeting of December 12th.
    • That debate event I want to try will be pushed back to January.
  • Meeting room and time for the final meeting to be determined. If it comes down to it, my place will be used!
  • Golden Boy and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure are finished! Both ended in a very awesome way!
    • Golden Boy was VERY educational! Students learned the importance of networking in the final episode, among other things!
  • In Bastard!!, Dark Schneider became for broken than Shin Akuma and Omega Rugal put together and beat Ninja Master Gara.
  • Enzian Theater is trying to get Summer Wars but it won't be shown this month or in January. Hopefully in February!
  • Orlando Anime Day will happen again on January 22nd. It's a small dealers' room and a video room but they might have some cool stuff to buy! It's on 3 bucks to get in!
  • We'll be Ice Skating with Anime Spot at Light Up UCF on Saturday. If you are able to make it out, meet at Full Sail in front of Building 3B at 5:30pm and we can carpool from there!
Okay, one more meeting this year. It will be on December 12th, either at Full Sail or my place! Stay tuned!