Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Propeller Anime Radio #30: Manly Han Solo

We're well into the fall and we are blessed with tons of great anime and different ways to watch it all. Kent and Shamus saw the NEW Ghost in the Shell movie in theaters and we discuss that and the Arise series it followed up.

We also talk about Seven Deadly Sins, Netflix's anime initiative, Space Adventure Cobra on Crunchyroll, the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure community, and the downfall of Bleach.

And we talk about nonsense at conventions!

NekoCon in Virginia had a nerdcore concert that they CANCELED after ONE SONG due to "unforseen circumstances" but we have the scoop on that and how people in the community are looking to fix things with the NPC Music Festival

Plus MORE convention talk with how poorly fan panels are handled are our local cons. All this and more on this action-packed episode of Propeller Anime Radio!

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Music Used: "NPC" by Professor Shyguy

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