Saturday, October 29, 2016

Anime Nite Orlando featuring AKIRA! (11/17)

For November 17th's Anime Nite Orlando at Bikkuri Lounge, we will be celebrating the groundbreaking cyberpunk classic, Katsuhiro Otomo's AKIRA! It's one of the essential all-time anime classics and one of the major anime films that established anime as a serious artform to U.S. fans and we're excited to have it as our main feature!

In the year 2019, thirty-one years have passed since the outbreak of World War III. In Neo-Tokyo, all authority is waging a never-ending struggle against the underground that virtually rules the shattered city. A top-secret child with amazing powers of the minds breaks free from custody and accidentally gets a motorcycle gang involved in the project. 

The incident triggers psychic powers within one of the members, Tetsuo, and he is taken by the army and experimented on. His mind has been warped and is now on the path of war, exacting revenge on the society that once called him weak. - From ANN Encyclopedia

We're still deciding on the opener, but it will be good.

We will also have prize raffle. We always have cool stuff to give away!

Also, Anime MST3K is banned. Be respectful to your fellow anime fan.

Anime Nite Orlando is hosted at at Bikkuri Lounge, located at 1919 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL! This event is free and doors open at 8:00pm! You must be over 18 years of age with a valid I.D. to enter.

Bikkuri Lounge is an anime fan's paradise with the best in Japanese cuisine including sushi and sake, and a full bar with drink specials such as 2-for-$5 beers and $4.00 wells until midnight!

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