Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Final Stretch For Production I.G's "Kick-Heart!"

About two weeks ago, we at Propeller Anime began our push to support "Kick-Heart," a unique anime project created by the famous production I.G with Masaki Yuasa as the the director. This would be the first anime to ever be crowd funded, using kickstarter as it's primary means of donations.

Since then, the project has succeeded in not only being funded, but it's even reached it's first stretch goal! But we're not done yet, folks! At midnight tonight, there is still one more stretch goal and it's a significant one!

Depending on the amount you pledged you will be able to see Kick-Heart on either DVD, Bluray, or streamed online. It will now be a 12-minute short instead of a 10-minute short. It will have English and Spanish subtitles with Japanese audio.

The next stretch goal is $200,000 and the kickstarter ends at midnight. If $200K is reached, there will be an English dub for Kick-Heart, with accomplished voice actor Richard Epcar contributing. There will also be a Los Angeles screening and premiere party to celebrate the completion of the anime!

This is great news so with this last day, this is your chance to stand up as an anime fan and vote with your dollars that you want an awesome and unique anime project to knot only be created, but to succeed as well!

$1, $5, or even $10 goes a long way to help and the more you donate, the more great stuff you get in return!

Donate to Production I.G's Kick-Heart!

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