Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Recap of the last meeting! 1/9/11 edition!

The new year has started off on a fabulous note! The Propeller Anime Club has much to look forward to as we become the driving force of anime fandom in Orlando! And then... the galaxy! (Okay, probably not!)

  • This website has been upgraded! But you already know that!
  • We will crush Anime Spot in dodgeball on February 5th! Team tryouts are this Sunday!
  • Thursday, January 20th, we go see GANTZ! Get your ticket early!
  • Orlando Anime Day is on Saturday, January 22nd! Field trip time!
  • Mamoru Hosoda is the director of Summer Wars and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and you best not forget that!
  • We have a future partnership with an awesome venue waiting in the wings! We will publicly announce it soon! It will be good for the club and even better for the local anime community!

Mobile Suit Gundam: The 8th M.S. Team - Shiro Amada becomes the commander of an Earth Federation ground unit of mobile suits that are trying to fight Zeon forces in the jungles of southeast asia. While traveling through space, he meets a lovely Zeon pilot named Aina Saharin and the two will be fated to meet again as he has her precious watch. During this, we see that Shiro is pretty good at going off on his own and kicking some ass!

Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage - The Lagoon Group is back but a pair of murdering kids that may or may not be vampires rampage Hotel Moscow, causing the crime lords of Roanapur to get together and organize a heated coalition. It doesn't work well and the creepy vampire kids kill some more people and make out and do other naughty things. Now there is a big bounty on their heads and Revy and Eda from the Church of Violence(my favorite kind of church) band together to take the kids out!

Cromartie High School - Good natured Kamiyama goes to the delinquent-filled Cromartie High School and ends up becoming the leader of his tough and rugged class. Then he tries to form pacts with the other tough students of his school, with Freddie Mercury, a gorilla, and a robot(that every else thinks is a real person) chief among them. And then they all hum. I did not properly describe the ridiculous of this show but it is awesome!

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - This movie that is totally directed by Mamoru Hosoda and created by Madhouse is incredibly fantastic and highly emotional. It shows what happens when a simple girl can go back through time to try to fix the little things in her life to make it better. But even the smallest changes come with a high price. We see things like jealousy develop amongst friends, would-be romances that will now never happen, and even public humiliation. Auntie Which said it best, one person's happiness is someone else's misery.

Anyways, that was our first meeting! Lots of fun was had! Make sure you check our schedule regularly!

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