Tuesday, January 11, 2011

PAC Dodgeball Team Tryouts!

On February 5th, we are going emerge as supreme anime club of Orlando and annihilate Anime Spot in dodgeball Violence Jack style! This means we will either rape them and kill them, kill them and rape them, or eat them... while raping them! But before that, we need to select a team.

As coach, I will hold tryouts at Goldenrod Park on Sunday, January 16th at 2pm. Be there! We will need 9 players to make up the team. Tryouts will determine your endurance, strength, abilities to throw, catch, and dodge balls, and most of all... teamwork.

There will be drills and scrimmages to do this and by the end of tryouts, a team will be forged and we will train every weekend until the big game!
Tryouts will be at Goldenrod Park, located at 4863 N. Goldenrod Rd. Winter Park, FL. Try to be there on time, hydrated, and with proper workout attire. You can RSVP on Facebook!

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