Saturday, January 8, 2011

GANTZ live action movie outing on January 20th!

GANTZ, the story of two friends that get killed by a subway train when they try to rescue a drunk hobo, only to be brought back to life and compete in missions that involve them wearing tight suits and fighting aliens for points, is being made into two movies! They're based on the popular manga and anime series and the first movie comes out in America for one night only on January 20th at 8pm!

This will be a club outing and you will be responsible for getting your own tickets, unless you were one of the two who won them at the last meeting of 2010! The theater we will see the movie at is Regal Waterford Lakes Stadium 20 at 541 N. Alafaya Trl in Orlando!

You can order tickets on Fandango. Also, VIZ has a contest going on until January 11th, You can try winning a free ticket that way!

We'll meet at the theater at 7pm and figure out a place to eat before the movie starts! Please try to have your tickets purchased before then. You can RSVP here and figure out carpools:

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