Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Next meeting on Sunday, December 5th! Contest entries due!

The next meeting of Propeller Anime Club will be on Sunday, December 5th in FS3B-130 at Full Sail University! That room is on the opposite end of FS3B-113, where we noticed that someone got marker on the projector screen. Meeting time will be at 1:00 pm!

We've watched a lot of the essential classic anime movies this past year and many of you who have attended meetings regularly have leveled up considerably as anime fans! Now, we show some of the best of the new school in anime. We actually went on a field trip to see this at a movie theater long ago. Our feature will be Sword of the Stranger, a super-slick samurai action film.

The story is about a nameless samurai who refuses to kill again happening upon a young boy that is needing a bodyguard from assassins sent by the Ming dynasty. One of those assassins is Luo-Lang, a blonde European raised and trained as a ruthless eastern swordsman who craves fighting equally strong enemies so that he may get stronger. As the Ming dynasty tries to capture the young boy, Kotaro, the nameless samurai and Luo-Lang will clash!

Another exciting aspect of the meeting will be the results of the T-shirt contest and the flyer contest! That's right, entries will be due on this meeting and we will pick the respective winners! Remember, this is your chance to step up and make the club even more awesome and win Japanese dinner on me! Make sure you are at the meeting around 4:00pm so you can have a say!

So what else is there!? We finish Golden Boy! We've seen Kintaro solve problems and fight injustices while getting himself in trouble due to his insatiable lust for the female flesh. How will his story end?

In Bastard!!, Dark Schneider takes on Ninja Master Gara to rescue the lovely - and currently very naked - Yoko! Dark Scheider is able to weird the fire sword of Efreet and Gara is a REAL ninja. Oh snap!

Last, but certainly not least, Jotaro Kujo and the rest of the gang from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure finally make their way to Dio Brando's lair. They've gone through so many assassins and other obstacles. Now it's time to see if they can take on the deadliest and most fabulous vampire of them all!

As a bonus, the second of the two episodes we'll be showing is directed by the legendary Satoshi Kon! It's an early job of his, however, there will be a scene that you'll know is his for sure! Be on the lookout for it!

Planned Schedule:

1:00pm - Intoduction and News
1:15pm - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
2:15pm - Golden Boy
3:10pm - Bastard!!
4:05pm - T-Shirt and Flyer Contest!
4:25pm - Sword of the Stranger

That's it for now! Hope to see you guys there! Once again, make sure you enter the contests or at least show up so you can have a say!

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