Monday, November 22, 2010

Recap of Yesterday's Meeting! 11/21/10 edition!

Did you miss yesterday's fantastic meeting? Or do you want to have a recap of what you saw? GUUUUUUD! Well here is everything that happened last meeting, with both news and showings covered!


  • Fooly Cooly, Summer Wars, and Redline will be released on BluRay in February!
  • Evangelion 2.22, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, and Tales of Earthsea will be released on BluRay in March!
  • I'll will try to convince the Enzian Theater to show Summer Wars this weekend! Wish me luck!
  • Our next meeting is December 5th, when entries for flyer and t-shirts designs are due for those contests! Details, rules, and prize information can be found here. Feature showing will be Sword of the Stranger!
  • We're going Ice Skating with Anime Spot at Light Up UCF on December 11th! RSVP here!
  • Our last meeting of the year will be on December 12th! Our feature showing will be Tokyo Godfathers! You guys will also help guinea pig a new convention event I am putting together!

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
  • Jotaro and Iggy teamed up to take out Geb, the blind stand user who can track by sound and kill with water! It was very intense!
  • Then they challenged Darby the Gambler, whose stand takes souls of those he beats in games of chance.
  • After taking Polnaref and Joseph's souls, Darby challenges the mighty Jotaro who deals the MANLIEST bluff, puts everything on the line(including his mother's soul), and owns Darby!
  • Where'd Jotaro get DAT JUICE!?
  • They see DIO next time and things start to get FABULOUS!
Golden Boy
  • Kintaro wrecked a shady dude with some Kenpo he spent a week learning. Might have to do with the corkscrew kiss he gave Kintaro...
  • Series is episodic, however, Golden Boy taught us to never swim close to the sun!
  • We finish Golden Boy next time!
  • POWERFUL wizard Dark Scheider was sealed into the body of a little boy and can only be unsealed and sealed again with the kiss of a virgin girl.
  • Dark Schneider owns the first of the Four Lords of Havok and then gets naked and takes on fire elemental Efreet and shows him what for as well.
  • Dark Scheider's love interest, Yoko, was kidnapped by a ninja master named Gara who does not carry around sand or listen to Linkin Park. Instead, he uses slime to dissolve her clothes. It's for the lulz.
Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise
  • Our feature is definitely more beautiful than ever on BluRay and possibly the greatest contribution to anime Gainax has ever made!
  • Club dug the movie. Great discussions on the attempted rape scene(did it belong in the movie or was it there to illustrate the weakness humans give in to?) and the featuring the escape from the assasssin disguised as a hobo!
  • That spider toy Manna had was awesome too!
  • Anime World Order goes into great detail on the movie and the former scene we disussed and their thought on it. It's pretty interesting commentary.
Overall, we saw a well-animated piece that featured incredible world building, along with strong commentary on politics, religion, and economic crisis provided as a backdrop to an unexpected hero who goes from a slacker to a man determined to launch into both space and history books.

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