Sunday, December 5, 2010

Recap of today's meeting! 12/5/10 edition!

Let's try a simpler recap! This meeting was fun, though there were a couple hiccups! Here are the notes!
  • It turns out classes are being schedule on Sundays at Full Sail this month. This will make finding room space even more difficult!
    • We had to move to a different room for this reason.
  • This also means that we never got to see Sword of the Stranger or handle the contests we have been discussing.
    • Sword of the Stranger and the contests will be on our final meeting of December 12th.
    • That debate event I want to try will be pushed back to January.
  • Meeting room and time for the final meeting to be determined. If it comes down to it, my place will be used!
  • Golden Boy and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure are finished! Both ended in a very awesome way!
    • Golden Boy was VERY educational! Students learned the importance of networking in the final episode, among other things!
  • In Bastard!!, Dark Schneider became for broken than Shin Akuma and Omega Rugal put together and beat Ninja Master Gara.
  • Enzian Theater is trying to get Summer Wars but it won't be shown this month or in January. Hopefully in February!
  • Orlando Anime Day will happen again on January 22nd. It's a small dealers' room and a video room but they might have some cool stuff to buy! It's on 3 bucks to get in!
  • We'll be Ice Skating with Anime Spot at Light Up UCF on Saturday. If you are able to make it out, meet at Full Sail in front of Building 3B at 5:30pm and we can carpool from there!
Okay, one more meeting this year. It will be on December 12th, either at Full Sail or my place! Stay tuned!

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