Thursday, October 14, 2010

Recap of the last meeting! Binary edition!

10/10/10 was this past Sunday! In binary, that is 42, the answer to the secret of the universe! With that, it was definitely time to pop many Lupin cherries with Lupin III: The Last Job! That was a fun adventure with Lupin, Jigen, Goemon, Fujiko, and the lovable Zenigata! And those ninjas were pretty rad, especially the ninja dog!

  • EXPCon has come and gone! Nobody in the club went so it is hard to confirm how it good it was!
  • Our fourth year anniversary is coming up soon and we will have a party to celebrate! RSVP here!
  • The next Anime Festival Orlando will be August 4th-7th, 2011!
  • Speaking of festivals, we will be having a field trip to west Orlando for the Orlando Japan Festival on November 7th! Details here!
  • Jay and Silent Bob are doing a live podcast in Orlando on Wednesday, March 30th at the Hard Rock Live Orlando! That's right after MegaCon!
  • We will be challenging all other anime clubs in Orlando for supremacy, in a dodgeball tournament! Details to come!

Black Lagoon:
  • That Colombian Cartel gets owned, leaving Roberta the assassin maid and Revy to go at it in some HOT girl on girl action!
  • It was hot.
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
  • Robots to the rescue! And a super robotaku is introduced for an episode. He was an alright guy.
  • Yuuki got sick and collapsed and Steven G. thought that was funny. Booooo.
  • Nobody died.
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
  • The gang try flying a plane but it crashes because Joseph Joestar was on it. (It's funny if you read the Part 2 of the manga.)
  • Then they go ON A BOAT! And the boat is a stand! And the stand user is an orangatang! MADNESS!
  • The crew meets Jean Pierre Polnareff, a Frenchman who inspired Benimaru's character design in The King of Fighters and has a stand called Silver Chariot.
  • Polnareff joins the crew after Advol owns him hard. From now on, everything terrible in the series will happen to him because he's French.
  • They make it to India where everyone is poor and Polnareff leaves to find the killer of his sister. (He has two right hands due to family in-breeding!)
  • Avdol gets capped in the head by a classy stand user named Hol Horse. Polnareff cried manly tears. EVERYONE in this club should know what that means for next time!
The fourth year anniversary club part will be on Saturday, October 23rd! Please come out whether you are new to the club, been gone a while, or just a friend of ours! We'd love to see everyone!

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