Monday, October 18, 2010

Next [Regular] Propeller Anime Club meeting this Sunday, October 24th!

As you know, this Saturday night, we are celebrating the fourth year anniversary of the Propeller Anime Club's founding! (RSVP here!) But the day after, we shall be going to have a regular meeting where awesome anime is watched as usual! Looks like we'll be in FS3B-113 at Full Sail University this Sunday at 1:00pm!

Our feature this time will be Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva! It will be much like the popular video games even down to the whimiscal characters, music, and puzzles! (Or, so I read.) The art for the games have always looked cool so the movie should as well!

Also! Black Lagoon will be FINISHED this Sunday! Yeah, there is a second series, but we'll save that for the beginning of next year! Expect lots of shooting, cussing, and hotness from Revy!

Last time in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Avdol got capped in the head and Polnareff shed MANLY TEARS! True Man Law #10 will be enforced all the way! But what will be faster: Silver Chariot's sword or The Hanged Man's light?

As we approach the end of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, real tragedy strikes our main characters on all fronts. Bring tissues.

Anyways, we have an awesome lineup! It will be a great weekend for the Propeller Anime Club! See you all Saturday night and on Sunday as well!

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