Thursday, October 28, 2010

Recap of the last meeting! 10/24/10 edition!

Sorry for the late recap of the last meeting! For those who are new, I put in notes of what happened at the last meeting to let you know what you missed! This includes club news and what we watched! Black Lagoon was a thrill ride of multiple proportions and we have finished the first series! Revy is definitely one of the hottest anime ladies ever! 

We'll start the second series at the beginning on January. For the time being, we'll watch things that can be finished by the time this year ends!

  • The 4th Year Anniversary party of the Propeller Anime Club took place on Saturday and it was FANTASTIC! Pictures will come, but there was lots of fun with plenty of sweets! An intense Twister tournament took place and the winner was Landen, a new member of the club! Give him a warm welcome! We also watched Wicked City. It was AMAZING! And then we went to Rocky's Replay and Steak n Shake! Thanks to everyone who came out and helped out!
  • I also gave out cool prizes, highlighted our awesome year together, and announced upcoming club events such as...
  • Orlando Japan Festival on November 7th at the Village at Hunter's Creek in west Orlando! Details about the trip can be found here!
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show trip on November 13th! The shadowcast will be at Universal Citywalk's movie theater that night!
  • We have challenged Anime Spot to dodgeball and we will crush them! But we have to challenge Anime Sushi and that anime club at Rollins College first, so we can crush them all AT THE SAME TIME!
  • In addition to crushing Anime Spot in dodgeball, we will also be ice skating with them in Decemeber during Light up UCF. It's a winter event their school has and it sounds like fun!
  • It's time to do the Ninja Olympics again, but we take it to the streets park. That will be in January.
  • Ultimate Gaming Showdown 4 was announced as happening in the future. Details to come!

There will be two contests on going. One for a club t-shirt design, and another for a new flyer design. We gotta show everyone that WE'RE AWESOME! Details in next post!


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Forget the Joestar family, Jean Pierre Polnareff is the main character now! After he shed MANLY TEARS, he and Kakyoin escape certain death. Later, they find J. Geil and Polnareff enforces the second part of True Man Law #10! Then he hit on this hot chick Enya, who is one of Dio's highest servants and has TWO right hands as well. She is obviously J. Geil's mom and wants revenge. She has a stand called Justice, that can control people it puts holes through... like Hole Horse! Get it!?

Tokyo Magitude 8.0

So last time, Yuuki had to go to the hospital and Mirai had a dream that he died. This time, we find out that wasn't a dream and Mirai was talking to a brotherly figment of her imagination. Once she makes it back home, she can't block out his death forever. IT'S TOO BAD THAT STEVEN G. HAD TO LOL FOR REAL WHEN THAT PART HAPPENED. GOD DAMMIT!

We finish the series next time!

Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva

Our feature starred Professor Layton and that audacious brat Luke as they solve puzzles to gain immortality. It was charming and beautifully animated and what was up with that one dude's chest hair!? Anyways, that was a cool movie. Someone liked it better than Wicked City too!

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