Thursday, February 28, 2013

ONGAKU OVERDRIVE Takes Over Orlando April 27th!

You heard us rumble about it already, but Propeller Anime has decided to be part of the instrumentation of the birth of a new event. It will be a show that celebrates music inspired by anime, videogames, sci-fi & comics.

Get ready for... ONGAKU OVERDRIVE!

Ongaku Overdrive is an event that will grow to be THE music show for anime fans and other kinds of Otaku in Central Florida. Everything has a beginning and ours will be tremendous.

On the show will be J-Pop artist Rai Kamishiro, nerdy hip-hop rappers like Adam WarRock and Richie Branson, as well as local acts like Sci-Fried and MagiTek! That's pretty awesome but wait, there's more!

The end of Ongaku Overdrive will be a bad ass dance party known as the NEO DEADLY RAVE. With Benjamin Briggs of OCRemix and Gamercuts fame as the DJ, the night will be more fierce than a brawl in South Town!

This is only the beginning. We'll have more performers to announce and there will be prizes to raffle off. Tickets will go online soon. Until then check out the website, like the Facebook page, and follow the Twitter feed!

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