Friday, July 13, 2012

AFO 13 Online Registration ends tomorrow!

Online registration for Anime Festival Orlando 13 ends by the end of Saturday, July 14th. For real this time! Plus, we'll be at AFO! Yeah!

Pre-registeration not only makes it easier to dodge that long line and go straight to enjoying the convention, but if you get a hotel at the Wyndham Orlando Resort for Thursday, August 2nd you will be granted a "Passport to Orlandia" which gives you VIP access to main events, guest autographs, and Thursday events.

There are 10 guests for AFO this year, many of them attending the convention for the first time. There's Kyle Hebert, Tara Strong, Richard Epcar, Sonny Strait, Jason David Frank, among others.

We'll be doing SIX events at AFO this year! We have "It's MANIME! The Manly Anime Panel!" "Super Robots vs Real Robots," "The Twisted World of Go Nagai," "Anime Directors You Should Know," "The Latest and Greatest of Tokusatsu," and "Iron Cardboard Robot Cosplay!"All great stuff and you can read details here.

The weekend of August 3rd - 5th will be a whole lot of fun and we'll have updates once we have times and rooms for our events.

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