Thursday, June 28, 2012

Anime Nite Dating Game + Double Feature on 7/13!

By popular demand, the Anime Nite Dating Game returns on Friday, July 13th at A Comic Shop! We're planning to hook up four new couples that will enjoy wonderful romance!

But that's not all! We'll be showing TWO anime to sandwich our dating game, which will make for a hot night! The event officially begins at 8:00PM! You will not want to be late, especially if you plan to be a part of the dating game!

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How Anime Nite Dating Game Works
So you want to enter the dating game? Great! We will be conducting interviews/auditions from 7:45PM to 8:45PM on that night in the back of A Comic Shop. If you are late, well that's too bad!

You must bring a valid I.D. stating that you are at least 18 years of age as well as your best hygiene. (Seriously, you better not smell like a stereotype.)

In the audition, we will ask you a few questions that you better answer honestly and request you do things that will show off your personality and charisma. This is very important as we want our audience to be entertained! (Plus, we want to be entertained too!)

We'll have a chosen bachelor/bachelorette in each 10-minute round asking three randomly chosen contestants(that each passed the audition) questions that will help them determine who the best date is. Both sides will not be able to see each other.

Be warned, questions may be personal or raunchy and we will feed our bachelors and bachelorettes those kind of questions we have made up(when necessary) to spice up the round. (Remember to show that personality!)

After 10 minutes have passed, our bachelor/bachelorette will choose their date! Winning couples will receive complementary movie passes!

Showing Anime on Anime Nite
We'll be showing two different anime on this night, one to open up the event, and the other to close it! Both will be fun, interesting, and come from different eras.

One anime we'll be showing will have a fond place in many fans' hearts. Based on the popular and enduring gender-bender, martial arts comedy is Ranma 1/2: Nihao My Concubine! Never seen Ranma 1/2? Watch an episode on YouTube; it's easy to pick up!

Anyways, the main cast end up on a deserted island, thanks to upperclassmen Kuno's crappy yacht. While awaiting rescue, all the ladies(and Akane) get kidnapped, one by one, by a group recruiting bride candidates for their leader. Ranma Saotome and the other men must rescue them from peril!

The other anime we're showing is a more recent series. It's the first few episodes of Ah! My Goddess  and you can read more about that here.

This event is of course free and A Comic Shop is located at 114 S. Semoran Blvd. Winter Park, FL 32792.

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