Friday, January 13, 2012

OMG we're all over MegaCon 2012!

February 17th-19th is MegaCon, Florida's largest comic book, anime, sci-fi and gaming convention. It's gonna be awesome and we'll be there doing events!

Before we get into that, know that you can order tickets in advance here. The event is at the Orange County Convention Center in west Orlando, near the theme parks. You may want to look into reserving a hotel room in the area.

Anyhow, we'll be bringing our big guns to MegaCon this year. The super-popular Ninja Olympics are back and we're making the convention debut of Iron Cardboard Robot Cosplay! We will also have a couple Quickdraw! Contest sessions and even a Karaoke Party!

We also have more than several notable panels from our resident experts. A wide variety of subjects are covered and we hope there is something for everyone!

Friday, February 17th

1:00PM - Intro Into the MegaCon Anime Events Track 
(Anime Panels W232 A)
The Anime Event Track at MegaCon is bigger and better than ever this year! Here’s where you get the skinny on how to enter or attend events like the Costume Contest, Ninja Olympics, and Cyberia! You can also find out what the cool panels to attend are and how to meet your favorite guests!

2:00PM - Quickdraw! Contest Round 1  
(Anime Workshops W232 B)
Compete in two 20-minute drawing sessions as either novice or advance to win prizes! Only 30 slots available!

Read the rules for the Quickdraw! Contest here.

4:00PM - Real Robots vs Super Robots  
(Anime Panels W232 A)
Why are robots waging full scale war against each other? Why do people in power make untrained children fight said wars? How is rocket punch such an effective attack? Why is that golden lion glowing in that robot’s chest? And what exactly is a combattler?  Find out the answers to these questions and more at the ultimate discussion of Super Robots vs Real Robots!

5:00PM - Iron Cardboard Robot Cosplay 
(Anime Main Events W231 A,B)
Ten teams of three will build amazing robot costumes using the likes of cardboard, construction paper, foil, plus a secret ingredient! Not only that, we'll be showing epic mecha anime while this goes down!

Read the rules for Iron Cardboard Robot Cosplay here.

7:00PM - 10 Anime Classics Everyone Should See  
(Anime Panels W232 A)
If you are fairly new to anime or only know what’s shown on TV or cosplayed at conventions, then this panel is your next step as an anime fan! Propeller Anime picks 10 amazing anime that everyone should check out that predate the days of Naruto and Bleach!

Saturday, February 18th

3:00PM - The Twisted World of Go Nagai  
(Anime Panels W232 A)
Do you enjoy giant robots, or how about seeing a monster cleaved in two and witnessing every gory detail, or how about getting a clear view at some random girl’s panties?  You can learn about all this and more at The Twisted World of Go Nagai.

4:00PM - It's MANIME! Fist of the North Star 
(Anime Panels W232 A)
The hosts of the most electrifying panel in anime convention history bring to you one powerful hour on the MANLIEST anime and manga series of all time! Great stories, heroic feats, and explosive violence will be shared so don’t miss this or you are already dead!

5:00PM - Karaoke Party! 
(Anime Main Events W231 A,B)
With over 1,500 songs to choose from, we'll have an awesome karaoke party before the Cyberia dance! First come, first serve.

5:00PM - Mecha Anime Theater 
(Video Room W231 C)
Propeller Anime is making sure giant robots continue their invasion at MegaCon! It's a solid two hours of mean machines, hyper beam cannons, and rocket fists!

7:00PM - It's MANIME! Theater  
(Video Room W231 C)
Come see the MANLIEST anime in all the universe! Caution: boys will become men, men will grow beards, and women may get pregnant!

Sunday, February 19th 

1:00PM - Quickdraw! Contest Round 2 
(Anime Workshops W232 B)
Compete in two more 20-minute drawing sessions as either novice or advance to win prizes! Only 30 slots available!

Read the rules for the Quickdraw! Contest here

3:00PM - Ninja Olympics  
(Anime Main Events W231 A,B)
Do you and your buddies want to become supreme ninja masters? Of course you do! The first step in your path of the ninja is to compete in the Ninja Olympics and tests your abilities in events of stealth, cunning, strength, and endurance against other ninja teams!  Can your team of three ninjas bring the golden shuriken home?

Read the rules for Ninja Olympics here.

That's a pretty solid list and we hop you are excited. Not only that there is more from Anime Sushi, Anime Spot, Anime World Order, Anime Addicts Anonymous and you can read more here and here.

You can like Propeller Anime on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get updates about cool stuff going on at MegaCon all weekend. We have the technology to keep you informed!

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