Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dodgeball Before Dishonor recap!

Yesterday, we gathered at Ward Park to play some dodgeball! It was a modest turnout but it was a lot of fun and great exercise. We had enough people to form two solid teams and change the lineups around a bit to keep things fresh.

(Next time we should invite people who wouldn't want to play but wouldn't mind chasing dodgeballs that go out of bounds!)

We'd like to do this again with a bigger turnout. It was a really great day out to play and we don't get a lot of those in Florida.  We have a gallery with more photo on our FaceBook that you can check out here.

We'd love to do this again in the future, and perhaps we will after we wrap up all our events at MegaCon. Propeller Anime will be having their first meeting at A Comic Shop on January, 28th at 4PM so we'll talk about these things and more so make sure you come out!

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