Monday, March 28, 2011

A Big Thanks To All The Fans For MegaCon 2011!

MegaCon this past weekend was a big deal for many fans, and Propeller Anime Club was proud to be a part of the convention! Our members hosted many panels that covered Neon Genesis Evangelion, Rumiko Takahashi's works, Pokemon, MANIME, Axis Powers Hetalia and much more!

Not only that, but we also hosted events that included Super Anime Trivia, Anime Debate Tournament, the Quickdraw! Contest, Ninja Olympics and the convention-ending Karaoke Party!

We had a lot of fun at those events and we hope you did as well, whether you participated or watched!

We took many photos and filmed many events and we plan to get those up for you all to check out as soon as we can! We'll announce our contest winners this week too!

If you like what we did at MegaCon and want to get involved with us, we do hold meetings in Winter Park twice a month to watch lots of anime.

As a matter of fact, we'll be having a meeting this Sunday, April 3rd at 1:00PM at the Full Sail University campus. Room to be announced tomorrow! (You don't have to be student or staff to attend meetings.)

We'll be starting three series(Durarara!!, Record of Lodoss War, and Gunbuster) and finishing up the meeting with Hayao Miyazaki's classic debut film as a director, Castle of Cagliostro! We'll also be talking MegaCon and planning when we shall see REDLINE at the Florida Film Festival in April!

Other than that, I personally would like to thank my awesome crew for making this MegaCon run so well! That would be George T, Carlos R, Zak W, Steven G, Jessica R, Noah R, Emilio C, Jean-Louis, Fuzzy, Bhrohammer, Tara, Goggins, Scott W, Shawn W, Russbus, and Waldo for putting in a tremendous amount of work this weekend!

But that is not all!

Anime Sushi, we love you guys and enjoy working with you all very much! Thanks for taking such big chances on us! And congrats on many successful big events!

We'd also like to thank MegaCon staff for supplying us with badges and wristbands so we can do what we can to best: put on a great show.

FUNimation, we're glad to team up with you guys again. Thank you for coming down to Florida and making the fans happy!

And lastly, I would like to thank Anime World Order and Anime Spot for putting on some cool events during the weekend! Check them out, guys!

Once again, we thank all you for the support you have given us as a club this past weekend! We hope to see you again soon!

Kent Ward
Propeller Anime Club

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