Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quickdraw! Contest @ MegaCon 2011!

Are you an artist who wants to test their skills against others, or do you just want to have a fun time drawing with other artists? The Quickdraw! Contest breaks artists up in groups of novice and advance and has them compete in three different 20 minute drawing sessions for prizes! Fun and creativity are highly encouraged!

This is one of the many events Propeller Anime Club will be hosting at MegaCon 2011. This contest will be from 2PM to 4PM on Sunday, March 27th in W224D at the Orange County Convention Center!

The Quickdraw! Contest is a favorite of ours to host. We get to see a lot of cool stuff and everyone is having a pretty fun time!

This year, we hope to see many talented artists, both established and aspiring, in our drawing sessions. We'll supply pencils, erasers, and paper if you do not have any. We'll scan the top entries and post them online for everyone to see! You can check out the winners of last year's contest here.

  • This is a solo competition.
  • Sessions will have a novice and advance rank, depending on what artists think their skill level is
  • Each session will be timed at 20 minutes.
    • Once is the session is over, please write your name and rank(novice or advance) that you are competing in.
  • You may jump into the contest as long as there is space in the room for you to draw in.
  • Artists can change to a rank the feel more comfortable in in-between sessions.
  • Winners will be announced at the end of the Quickdraw! Contest, with prizes given out.
  • Artists can keep their drawings but winning entries must be scanned!
  • No pressure during this contest. While we have winners to get you guys to come out, this is all about being creative and having fun!

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