Friday, February 18, 2011

Quick Guide to MegaCon 2011!

If you have been following us for the past week then you know that MegaCon is certainly a big deal for the Propeller Anime Club! It's Florida's largest convention dealing with comic books, sci-fi, anime, and gaming. The event will take place March 25th-27th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL.

Our club has teamed up with Anime Sushi again and we have brought Anime Spot aboard to help us this year to create a schedule for the Anime Events Track at MegaCon that might be the best yet!

Propeller Anime Club is excited to present many exciting events that show off our passion for anime and our unique ability to get lots of anime fans involved. Our big events include Anime Debate Tournament, Super Anime Trivia, Quickdraw! Contest, and the Ninja Olympics!

We are also hosting a lot cool discussion panels on some of our favorite anime and videogame series' that we hope you will like! The full listing of our events can be found here.

For those who are new to MegaCon or would like to increase their fun from last year, we have a list of tips to help you "survive" the giant convention this year.

  1. MegaCon is not just an anime convention. Regardless of whether it is or not, there is no excuse for you to leave your dignity at home and act like the people seen here. Remember, you're adults and you're representing anime fandom.
  2. MegaCon is ridiculously crowded, especially on Saturday. A massive amount of body heat will get generated. It is a great idea to stay hydrated and have proper hygiene every day you go. Shower each day, wear a fresh set of clean clothes, and put on deodorant!
  3. It's quicker to get through registration at MegaCon if you pre-register for your pass. Otherwise, the line to pay at the door is long on Friday and especially Saturday.
  4. Most vendors at MegaCon take only cash, as do artists in the artists alley and celebrity guests in the autograph area. Make sure you have the amount  you need when going in. (The convention center has ATMs.)
  5. Getting a hotel near the convention center is convenient if you plan on attending all three days. Book your hotel as soon as possible and network to find responsible, trustworthy roommates!
  6. Other than staff and volunteer help, there are only two kinds of people that go to the Cyberia dance at MegaCon: children and the pedophiles that try to date rape them.
  7. Yelling internet memes such as "you have lost the game" or "butt scratcher" at a convention makes you a loser and lets everyone know that once the weekend is over, you will go back to your lonely lifestyle.
  8. Speaking from wisdom, hooking up at a convention in hopes of establishing a real relationship is a bad idea. But if that isn't going to stop you, make sure you ask for two forms of identification that have their birth dates printed in them!
  9. If you can't tell whether or not they are underaged, that means they definitely are and if it looks like a trap then it absolutely is one.
  10. There is not a single guest at MegaCon worth idolizing unless they created Spider-man. They're all people, just like you and me.
  11. Network, socialize, and have fun! Meet new people and share your passion for anime. If you find someone really cool that likes anime, then invite them to our club!
  12. Some people's lives revolve around dressing up in cosplay and pretending to be someone else. Pity them but appreciate their ability to decorate the convention space.
  13. Make sure you eat every day so you don't pass out! The convention center has a food court and there are many restaurants within walking distance.
  14. Listen to staff at MegaCon. If they ask you to do something then do it. It's for the sake of running a smooth convention.
  15. Lastly, MegaCon has more to do than walk around crowded hallways and the exhibition hall all weekend. The Anime Event Track is pretty good this year so participate in events and check out panels at least a few times a day!
Following these tips will not only make your MegaCon experience awesome, but it will make you a fine convention attendee and a great ambassador for anime fandom. MegaCon is only five weeks away so get ready to have fun!

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  1. Well, I don't agree with the "if they look underage they are" one. I'm twenty and I get offered kids menus at restaurants still and most of the time people ask me what grade I'm in. When they hear I'm in college they're absolutely astonished. It's a bit frustrating to know that most people my age wouldn't approach me because I look younger than I am.