Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Recap of the last meeting! 9/12/10 edition!

Sorry for the lateness! Last meeting was fun! Many new members came again along with a few seniors that had just finished graduating from Full Sail!

I will be brief this time!

Samurai 7 has gone on to the graveyard, which means that we will no longer be showing it at meetings. Only one member wants to continue watching it which is not enough. The pacing is slow and sometimes nothing happens in an episode. It took ten episodes to get to a point where the series would start to mirror, in its own way, Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai.

I pulled up a list of short series that might work for future club meetings. Right now, it's safer to go with something that is thirteen episodes or less so it can finish by the end of the year. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure had the most interest so that will be shown at our next meeting.

We showed My Neighbor Totoro, a movie that is mostly about appreciating and coexisting with nature. It's lighthearted fun and many club memebers agreed that cat bus is awesome.

In Black Lagoon, lots of Neo Nazis got killed and things got really racist. Some very strong words were exchanged between characters. Most of all, we learned that Revy has more issues than A Comic Shop. She definitely needs a hug, but trying to do so is a suicide mission!

In Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, more horrors of the aftermath occur. Mirai, Yuki, and Mari try to escape to safe land by boat and almost get sunk by giant waves. Later on, relief begins to come in much like in any modern natural disaster. During these episodes, we see the true nature of human beings during crisis while they try to survive. Few are calm and kind while many show their rude, selfish sides.

It gets ugly a few times and even Mirai loses it as she lashes out at Yuki. Right now, they are separated from currently motherly figure Mari while they specualte whether or not their parents are alive.

That's it for this past meeting! Next time, I'll give a quick AWA report and we'll be watching Evangelion 2.22: You Can (Not) Advance.

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