Monday, September 6, 2010

New To Propeller Anime Club?

Are you new to Propeller Anime Club or are interested in joining? Want to know more? Awesome!

The Propeller Anime Club was founded in 2006, with its first meeting held at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL on October 22nd of that year! Since them the number of anime we've watched and the number of members has increased greatly.

There are three goals for the Propeller Anime Club. They are in order of importance:

1.) To show great anime, from all genres and eras.
2.) To provide a fun social environment for anime fans.
3.) To contribute to the local anime community by helping out at events and conventions.

We try to meet twice a month, and usually on Sundays. Our viewing meetings are at Full Sail University, but you do not need to be a student or member of staff to attend meetings. As long as you are at least 18 years of age, will not cause any problems within the club, and are interested in anime, you are welcome to our meetings and events any time you can attend!

Viewing Meetings

At viewing meetings, we go over news of interest to the club, from industry happenings to local conventions and events. We show episodes from a few different series each meeting, either in Japanese audio with English subtitles or in English audio, depending on which is more appropriate for that series. We try to finish series if possible, but many wind up in the "graveyard" if the majority of the club is not interested in continuing a series.

In-between series, we usually have some short discussions on what we liked or did not like about what was just watched. The challenges of continuing a series is hard as members can't make every meeting and others join after a series starts. We balance that out by having some series shorter than the 26 episode limit and we also show a feature at the end of the meeting that will start and finish during that meeting.


Every couple months, we do a gathering or event that is not a viewing meeting. They are held off campus and tend to be for more social atmosphere so that club members can get to know each other. Things we've done include bowling, trips to the local arcade, barbecues, pool parties, and going to watch anime movies at a theater. Occasionally, we get together with other clubs such as Anime Sushi and Anime Spot.

Anime Conventions

We help out at two conventions in Orlando that feature anime as part of their event programming. We do MegaCon in the Spring and Anime Festival Orlando in the Summer. At both conventions, we volunteer and we also host discussion panels, contests, and interactive events. Some of our contests and events include Ninja Olympics, Karaoke, Super Anime Trivia, Quickdraw! Contest, and the game aspects of the Orlandia live-action game at AFO.

We hope to see you guys at future meetings and gatherings! Until then, please join our Facebook group page and follow us on Twitter!

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