Monday, May 10, 2010

Recap of yesterday's meeting! 5/9/10 edition!

We had a super fun time yesterday as guns were blazing in everything we watched at the meeting!

  • The head of Anime Spot, UCF's anime club, contacted me about the two clubs doing a hangout together in during their Summer term. Our club has a agreed and I have notified their leader! I'll get back to you on that!
  • Panels for AFO that have been approved are starting to be posted on their website, including the Rebirth of Evangelion panel that our guys do so well!
  • The Guin Saga has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks! Here's hoping for an awesome BluRay release!
  • We talked a little bit about Bang Zoom! Entertainment's president Eric Sherman declaring "anime is going to die" and that their studio would stop dubbing anime in 2011 if DVD and BluRay sales did not pick up.
    • Since then, he appeared on ANN's podcast and clarified what he meant. Basically, if sales don't improve, companies won't have money to pay for dub production and cease altogether.
    • He also said that Bandai Entertainment(one of BZ's customers) is depending heavily on the success of the future Haruhi Suzumiya releases and "one other title." 
    • Bandai Entertainment responded saying that things are currently going fine, but if sales don't pick up then no more dubs.
 Say what you will about dubs, you can't argue that they bring in new anime fans. Without dubs, the fandom can't grow. It's as simple as that. We'll see how Bandai Entertainment's future goes.

And now for what we watched!

  • In Baccano! we learn of Ladd Russo's backstory as he proceeds to violently smash someone's face in... with his fists.
    • In a flashback, Isaac and Miria meet Ennis as she hits them with a car. That makes 88 times that Isaac has put Miria in danger! That's still less than 100!
    • Creepy kid Czelaw plans to use Ladd for something and the Rail Tracer makes its first appearance at the end of our showing!
  • In Gungrave, we learn that Brandon Heat planned to be reanimated if something were to happen with Harry. Meanwhile, Big Daddy confronts Harry MacDowell and is killed.
    • 13 years later, everyone is obviously older and experimenting with other forms of body transformations. "Bloody" Harry finds out Maria is alive with a daughter and wants them both killed.
    • Maria dies but her daughter Mika survives to meet Brandon Heat(now known as "Beyond the Grave") and Dr. Tokioka. Next episodes should be action-packed.
  • We started Cyborg 009, which seems to suffer from a bad sound mix. The sound effect track is very low so explosions sound like thuds. Tsk tsk.
    • Had to remind people about the rules of our democratic choosing of this series. We shall continue it though.
  • We started and finished Gunsmith Cats! Like everything we showed at the meeting, there was a lot of shooting. 
    • Someone remarked that Gunsmith Cats is what they would show people when they wondered what anime was. Good choice!
Next club meeting will be on Sunday, May 23rd! It will be in the evening since Full Sail's Open House will going on that day. A Sonic the Hedgehog OVA will be our feature showing. It's not Sonic X, in case you were wondering!

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