Monday, May 24, 2010

Recap of yesterday's meeting! 5/23/10 edition!

Yesterday evening was a club meeting of fun and interesting proportions! Our lineup changed a bit but things turned out well nonetheless.


Cyborg 009 was not brought in yesterday. Not only that, the second volume that one of our club members purchased with the first at MegaCon was empty when we open the case for the first time last meeting. So we've learned to open everything we buy at convention dealer room's immediately. Since many club members were vocal about seeing something else, we will. I took Cyborg 009 to the back and struck its pressure points and it's already dead.

Samurai 7, which won second place in the last democratic voting, will be shown in it's place starting next meeting. It sounds like an exciting series to watch!

When I met with the leaders of UCF's Anime Spot last week, we learned a lot about both of the clubs and planned a session for hanging out. We had decided on doing a picnic at UCF that will also involve kayaking and dodgeball. They are pitching it to their club as well but I am glad we are cool with it. If things work out, we can do a hang out on our turf later on.

This may not be club related but I am getting ready to begin talks on a monthly anime showing at a hip local establishment. This could be really cool!


We showed more of Baccano! and Gungrave. In Baccano!, the plot thickens with the rail tracer and we've discovered more about a secret order of immortals that use alchemy and can even create Homoculi. Looks like Full Metal Alchemist has influenced a lot of recent anime. They can suck people through their hand though! Isaac and Miria make friends with Ennis after she hit them both with their car last time.

In Gungrave, Grave(zombie Brandon Heat) is killing Orgmen and took down a super advanced necrolization of Bob Poundmax. Grave is wielding pistols and giant guns like he's Dante's from Devil May Cry, but without all the crotch shots. There's only seven episodes left and he's probably going to kill everyone else in Millenion. Just a hunch.

We showed that Sonic the Hedgehog OVA. It was an ancient ADV dub and the animation was supremely low budget. The plot was straight out of one of the Megaman games where they trust Dr. Wily for some reason even though it's obvious that he'll show his true colors after the heroes do all the work. This may have been worse than Sonic X.

I wanted to end the meeting with something cool since Cyborg 009 is no more, so we watched a Ranma 1/2 special that was part of the It's a Rumic World set that also includes specials for Inu Yasha and Urusei Yatsura.

The specials were created in 2008 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Shonen Sunday and legendary manga-ka Rumiko Takahashi, the creator of the aforementioned works. Pretty much everything that made Ranma 1/2 a such a loveable show long ago was included in the special with all the nonsense cut out.

If any one is interested in seeing more Ranma 1/2, I recommend watching the first two seasons of the series and then STOPPING. Like any Rumic work, the series falls apart fast and the plots and jokes become very recycled. However, it cannot be denied that her works have helped create many new anime and manga fans every generation.

I hope everyone has fun for Memorial Day weekend! Have safe travels and get lots of rest! We'll meet again the first weekend of June and I will have a surprise feature to show! That's right! It will be a secret!

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