Sunday, April 11, 2010

Recap of yesterday's meeting! 4/10/10 edition!

Spring Break, oh how I always forget that you have the lowest attended meetings. It was myself, Steven, Althea, and Waldo this time. We did get to watch some good stuff though. Here's a recap:
  • We watched the newest episode of Dragonball Z: Abridged. Krillin did something naughty in the caves.
  • We also viewed the abridged version of Bardock: Father of Goku. It was a humorous take on one of the best tales of all of Dragonball Z. Bardock, unfortunately saw way to far into the future. Terrible things! (Hint: It was that third Dragonall anime we will never mention in club!)
  • We watched a few episodes of The Guin Saga. Everything is falling in place!
  • Guin killed four assassins quickly and discovered that some one out there may know of his past. So Guin departs on his own for a journey. Did I mention that Suni actually helped Guin kill one of the assassins? For reals!
  • Naris becames badass, puts on his armor and takes the Crystal Palace back from the Mongauls.
  • Skarl finally meets Naris after his long journey and their forces combined are strong enough to defeat the Mongaul.
  • News of Naris being alive and taking the castle reaches the Mongauls, specifically Princess Amnelis. Having realized that Naris had decieved her this whole time, she snaps, cuts off her hair, and vows to kill Naris herself!
  • Istovan gets news of many things and uses it to get on the side of Naris. He becomes Naris's personal bodyguard though it looks like Istovan wants to kill Naris once he realizes that Naris also desires Rinda.
  • Remus is acting as if he is the King of Parross already! He learned some valueable lessons in leadership from Guin.
  • Long story short, Guin is going for his original goals, Naris has assembled a giant army, Remus is growing up, and the Mongaul are finally going down. We'll see how it all ends next meeting!
  • Nobody knows about Cho Aniki.
  • Gungrave was not shown. We'll hopefully see it next time!
  • We watched a short film called Cencoroll. It was about two high school kids who have the ability to control aliens with telepathy. One kid wants the other's alien pet, and they battle it out for most of the short film. There was some great animation and it was fun to watch!
  • We watched the first half of the Rurouni Kenshin OVA. Lots of people got cut into pieces and it rained crimson! We learned about Kenshin's origins in his path to becoming an assassin and joining up with a group trying to overthrow the ruling Bakufu.
  • Kenshin has one cut on his cheek already! I bet that means he'll get the other one next time!
We'll be finishing up TWO anime next time. Exciting times!

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