Saturday, April 24, 2010

Recap of tonight's meeting! 4/24/10 edition!

Tonight was a good end! We had to move from our usual room to a different classroom. While it did have a nice sound system and comfy seats, the projectors were less than adequate. It was so close to becoming the new room to meet at. Oh well...

It was an excellent meeting! We finished The Guin Saga once and for all! It was certainly a satisfying end. I shall not spoil it but it clearly left things open for a sequel series. I did like the dedication at the end to the late author of the original light novel, Kaoru Kurimoto. She just happened to die right after the anime debuted in Japan last Spring.

Vertical has been publishing her light novels and even a spinoff manga series if you'd like more Guin in your diet.

We also finished Rurouni Kenshin: Romantic Tales of the Meiji Era. Also known as Samurai X, this OVA told the tales of Kenshin's days as a Battousai. It was both violent and tragic and certainly a lot more depressing than I remember. We got to see Shishio Makoto, Enishi, and Saito Hajime as well. All three would be enemies of Kenshin in the main series. Also, seeing this totally counts as the club finishing something!

In Gungrave, Brandon Heat was killed by Harry but came back to life as a zombie or something. Big Daddy also knocked up Maria and Harry is running Millenion. The series looks like it will take another interesting turn!

Lastly, we showed Baccano! It's a great series and not very long. First couple episodes are to introduce the characters. The plot will show up soon but for now, we learn about the characters and the stage is now set on The Flying Pussyfoot. Also, the first episode of the series takes place chronologically after episode 13, leaving many people confused! There were a lot of laughs to be had, especially at the antics of Isaac and Miria!

Last but not least, in the wake of Guin Saga's end we had to decide what to start next. For amusement's sake, democracy was used. Members nominated anime they wanted to see, spoke briefly about why their nomination should be shown, and then elimination voting occured! In the finals, it was down to Samurai 7 and Cyborg 009.

The vote was shockingly spilt even until a hobo with ZERO FASHION SENSE stormed in wearing what appeared to be a silk bathrobe and a bad knockoff of M.C. Hammer pants and casted the winning vote to Cyborg 009.

Take that any way you want.

There was a lot of fun anime watching to be had! If you have any thoughts you'd like to share about the meeting - especially Guin Saga - please comment on this post! See you all soon!

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