Friday, March 5, 2010

Say hello to our new friends: Next Level LAN!

Quite a few of us made it out to Next Level Lan's first Anime Night! It was quite a good time! They showed Princess Mononoke, a fantastic film directed by anime legend Hayao Miyazaki!

They also had a costume contest that our own Jean Louis entered and an anime trivia contest that I beat Fuzzy in! They gave out day passes for MegaCon to winners of both contests which is quite awesome of them! They also raffled off gift cards for game time to use their establishment.

Next Level LAN does a great job in filling in the much needed LAN center by Full Sail University that has been unfullfilled for way too long. They have a lot of PCs set up, a Rock Band room, and a room dedicated to console gaming that had the widescreen projector they used to show the movie. They also have the coolest bathrooms I have ever seen!

Pam and Dante were very hospitable to us last night and put on a fun time! The event had great energy and it looks like they will do more Anime Nights in the future. Now that we are all friends, I'll be sure to post whenever they have an upcoming Anime Night!

Until then, you can follow them on FaceBook to keep up with all of their announcments! And for those of you who found out about us last night, you can join our group on FaceBook or follow us on our Twitter! We'll be at MegaCon for great justice!

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