Sunday, March 28, 2010

Recap of today's meeting! 3/27/10 edition!

Today was our first meeting after MegaCon which means we can finally shut up about it for a while. It's too bad we already started talking about Anime Festival Orlando, happening August 6th - 8th! A few people were new to the club today and we discovered that way more than half of the club are film students! Here's a rundown of what happened:
  • Talked about what we liked and did not like at MegaCon and shared stories and videos.
  • Discussed AFO. Panel submissions, artist alley, and of course Skies of Orlandia!
  • We celebrated Brent and Roger's birthdays! If you see either anytime soon, wish them a happy birthday!
  • Brandon Heat got all gussied up for Gungrave. Harry is trying to set up traitors while he himself is planning to pull a coup on Millenion.
  • Lots of shooting and explosions, featuring Bunji Kugashira! He's straight out of a John Woo 80s flick!
  • LoL
  • Some people nobody liked died in The Guin Saga. Which should be called The Naris Saga because the 3 episodes we watched were all about him. Guin was probably in the whole thing for like 6 minutes max.
  • Guin did cut through a assassin, cutting a tree in half. It was so exciting!
  • Naris has been in drag quite a bit while Istovan has taken his own path to become a king. Is it me or did Rinda and Remus grow taller?
  • We caught up on Dragonball Z: Abridged. They made filler fun!
  • Lots of club members staying in town for spring break. This means barbeque and pool party next weekend! Details to come soon!
  • Zak proposed we show Baccano! in the near future. I am behind this. Brent proposed something but I cannot remember what it was!
  • Lastly, we showed Satoshi Kon's Paprika. People claimed to "get it." And or course everyone made fun of the fat dude, Tokita.
  • Did that big climax remind anyone else of Ultraman?
Next meeting will be on Saturday, April 10th for sure! Cencoroll will be shown as our feature. Since there will be no classes that day, getting a room at a reasonable time will be quite easy! Stay tuned for future announcements!

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