Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Guide to MegaCon 2010: Propeller Anime Club Panels

I have introduced you to what MegaCon is and how to survive the experience. Not only that, we have announced the Ninja Olympics, the Quickdraw! Contest, and Karaoke as some of the big events that our club is hosting!

Our club has grown and done a good job to secretly establish itself in the local anime community here in Orlando. We have four conventions under our belt and MegaCon 2010 will be our first big step out of the shadows of other groups. I'm really proud of what the club has become and all the hard work our members have contributed.

Many members of the Propeller Anime Club will be volunteering to help out in the Anime Events Track at MegaCon and some of use will be doing panels in addition to the events we have previously announced.

Our first event of the convention, Propeller Anime Potluck, looks like it may be a "filler event" as it is simply showing older anime that predates Inuyasha and Naruto. It kinda is but it's more of a club meeting we are having at MegaCon. We'll be showing the first episodes of some classic anime and we'll hang out and socialize like we normally do at our campus meetings. Anime that we have toyed around with showing include Berserk, Ranma 1/2, Those who Hunt Elves, and Super Dimensional Fortess Macross. We haven't finalized that yet but we hope that you can join us. We'll have candy!

Right after that, I will be doing a panel called Anime is Already Dead? It will chronicle the rise and fall of anime in the 2000s, what went right and wrong, and what directions Japan needs to go in with the direction of it's anime in order to capture that real "Cool Japan" spirit the country keeps talking about.

Anime kids at conventions are weird and sometimes forget that they are out in public. They do things that the rest of the con-goers frown upon and they don't even realize what they are doing. Not only that, many anime fans in general show up to conventions unprepared. Last year, I was part of a Sunday rant panel that covered a lot of issues we had concerns with and I did snap a couple times. But this year, myself and others felt that it may be more proactive to discuss these issues and more(like how to talk to girls at conventions) in a Friday afternoon panel. This way, people can take from it valuable information that they can use throughout the weekend. As an inside joke, we have titled the event The Panel about Everything!

The last event from our club on Friday will be Rebuild of Evangelion, hosted by both Waldo and Emilio. It will be in Main Events(W224 F,G,H) and will be followed up by Funimation's showing of Evangelion 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone. Waldo is extremely knowledgeable of Evangelion to the point that is sometimes scary and both him and Emilio put on an entertaining panel each time.

Saturday morning, Zak, Steve, and Naro will tell us How to be a Pokemon Master! It will cover many things Pokemon from the beginning to where Ash and crew are now. In addition, they will discuss and celebrate the next day release of Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, coming do a Nintendo DS near you!

In the afternoon, I will be doing It's MANIME! The Manly Anime Panel with my partner Brotha Kyo! I don't need to even tell you what it's about. If you aren't there then you have already failed at MegaCon. Yes, I am that confident that you will enjoy the event. It might even change your life and make you a better person for attending.

Right after that, Waldo and Roger will be doing the Otaku Survival Guide, which will cover what an anime otaku really is and how to guide yourself into the obsession with otaku law and anime recommendations covered.

We have a lot of big events on Sunday, but Emilio will be doing The Analysis of G.I.T.S. - Ghost in the Shell in he afternoon. Ghost in the Shell is still one of the most important science fiction anime franchises to exist, helping anime harpoon into mainstream in the late 90s with the release of it's first film. If you are unfamiliar with the movies, manga, or television series: first off, shame on you! Second, make sure you go to this panel so that you may see what you have been missing out on!

We have a lot going on at MegaCon, and we hope to see you at our events. But we are just a part of the anime fun going on. March 12-14th will be an awesome time thanks to many groups and people that will be involved. Once the events schedule is finalized, we will cover the rest of the fun! Stay tuned!

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