Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Global Game Jam 2010 games!

The Global Game Jam 2010 is over and four of our Propeller Anime Club members participated valiantly! Me? Not so much. But Waldo, Curious George, Jordan, and Kurt worked hard throughout the weekend and that needs to be recognized!

George, Kurt, and Jordan worked on Hydroshock.

Waldo worked on Side-Scroller Sabotage.

Global Game Jam is about collaboration in the creative experience in making games. The event is only 48 hours but a lot of work will end up getting done in that time. GGJ is not about making the best game; rather, it is about having fun while making games. It was awesome to be able to see these guys present their games at the end of the competition and let's wish them the best continuing with their dream to the game industry!

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