Friday, July 8, 2016

Propeller Anime events at Anime Festival Orlando 2016!

At the end of the month, July 29th - 31st, at the Wyndham Orlando Resort is the seventeenth Anime Festival Orlando! Rated-R baby! And Propeller Anime will be there to celebrate with panels, contests, and more!

Here is our listing of fun events that you can enjoy throughout the weekend! (Rooms and times coming soon!)


Iron Carboard Robot Cosplay

Up to 8 teams of 3 will compete for 75 minutes to create and wear robot costumes using cardboard, foil, tape, construction paper, and a secret ingredient! The best team wins prizes courtesy of Propeller Anime!

Terrible Anime Dads

Anime is filled with a surprising amount of horrible father figures. Come join Propeller Anime as we discuss some of the worst dads in anime and discuss what makes them bad parents!

Life After the Apocalypse: A Post-Apocalyptic Anime Panel (18+)

Welcome to the aftermath of the apocalypse where only the strong survive! You will witness the savagery of humanity when it is pushed to the brink! Be prepared to see examples of human strength in a world where tyranny and an iron fist are more valuable than compassion!


Anime Food: What Are They Eating?

Have you ever wondered what they're eating in that anime? Well, join Alison of Propeller Anime and let her show you what her research and experience has discovered.

Tokusatsu in 2016

Hey tokusatsu fans old and new: have you been out of the loop with the fandom or have you wondered what else besides Kamen Rider/Masked Rider or Super Sentai/ Power Rangers is on out there . Well come on by as I give the skinny what is currently going on in the wonderful world of Adults wearing brightly colored armors and spandex.

Nerdy Music for Anime Fans and Gamers

This panel packed the house at AFO last year, and this time we have new music, new topics, and more fun for everyone! Jam out to some nerdy music with the rest of us! Featuring guests Richie Branson, Benjamin Briggs, and more!

It's MANIME! The Manly Anime Panel! (18+)

The panel that's FOR MEN BY MEN is back... with a vengeance! The world needs MANIME now more than ever and we're here to save the day! Discover what makes an anime manly, the manliest anime of them all, and how to wreck another human being with a headbutt. Plus, we brought some BEEF JERKY with us!


So You Wanna Be a Hero of Justice? Samuari Flamenco RDX

The spirit of the samurai calls and the heart of the flamenco burns brightly in you, do you accept? Good, because it's gonna be a wild ride! Whether you have heard of this odd ball tokusatsu/anime Samurai Flamenco from the now defunct Studio Manglobe it's story, characters and its many nuances are explained all by the Armored Crusader Toku.

The Best of Lupin the 3rd

With over 40 years of manga, TV shows, specials, and movies, Lupin the 3rd is on of the most iconic characters in all of anime. But should you watch it? YES! And Propeller Anime is here to show the best of all things Lupin.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Anime

Greed, Lust, Envy, Pride, Wraith, Sloth, and Gluttony are the seven deadly sins! Join Propeller Anime as we discuss their influences on Japanese animation and how they have created some of the most memorable characters in anime!

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