Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Propeller Anime Events at Anime Weekend Atlanta 21!

This weekend, we'll be travelling to the Peach State for our favorite anime convention, Anime Weekend Atlanta! There will be lots of great guests from the anime industry, including Japanese guests, concerts, panels, dealers, lot of other fantastic fun for every anime fan!

We highly suggest that you follow our instagram (IG: propelleranime) this weekend because we'll be sharing lots of photos and video of our adventures this weekend!

We are honored to announced that for the sixth year in a row, that we'll be hosting events there once again! We have three panels that will be this Friday and Saturday.

Mamoru Hosoda: The True Heir to Hayao Miyazaki
Friday, September 25th, 6pm - 7pm, Panel Room 104

With Hayao Miyazaki currently retired and Studio Ghibli’s best days far behind them, the world must look for the new king of anime. We present to you our nomination for that title, director Mamoru Hosoda, as we cover his career and filmography. RSVP

Nerdy Music for Anime Fans and Gamers
Friday, September 25th, 9:15pm - 10:15pm, Panel Room 104

There exist subgenres of music for fans of anime, videogames, and other popculture fanatics. Often referred to as nerd music, geek music, nerdcore, chiptunes, and other labels! Find out what all of this is, why it matters, and some of the best artist going today from the founder of Ongaku Overdrive! RSVP

Gettin' Medieval on that Anime! 
Saturday, September 26th, 9:00pm - 10:00pm, Williams Ballrooms

The MEN who brought you It's MANIME! now show you the world of the best in brutal and badass fantasy anime and manga! RSVP

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