Monday, April 22, 2013

Propeller Anime To Rule At KnightroKon 2013!

Check out KnightroKon at the UCF Student Union this June!
Hey anime fans! Summer is coming up which means the convention season is going to get out of control! Everyone and their mother is running an anime con these days and you may be confused on which one(s) you should go to. We are here to help! This June, start off the Summer right as our friends at Anime Spot present KnightroKon!

You best believe that we're going to be there!

KnightoKon will be a two-day celebration for fans of anime and videogames at the UCF Student Union. They'll have voice actor Cripsin Freeman making his first appearance at a convention in Orlando, lots of live music, a Pokemon-themed Murder Mystery, and a dance party DJ'd by the always high-tier Benjamin Briggs.

Not only that, they'll have a plethora of great panels, events, showings, games, and more! Here is what to expect from us:

Video Room

Fans have been sick of conventions giving anime the shaft for years in favor of whatever is being sold at Hot Topic this week. But fear not! KnightroKon has a videoroom in a location that is easy to find and they have shown great intelligence by allowing Propeller Anime to show a lot of great stuff all weekend long!

For you to see, we'll have a mix of classic anime, cutting-edge anime, and anime with balls! Not only that, we'll have spotlights on awesome anime openings, music videos, and abridged anime! Hanging out in a video room at a convention won't ever be as cool.(Until we do it again.)


We put a lot of work, research, and passion into our panels. We feel it's important that if someone pays to go to a con and chooses to spend an hour with us, that they leave a better fan than they came in.

At KnightroKon, we'll have a mix of fan favorites plus new panels to check out, including "It's MANIME! The Manly Anime Panel: God-Tier Edition!," "Intro into Mecha Anime for Modern Fans," "30 Years of Gainax," "Anime Death-Match" and "The Brutal Kings of MMA Manga."

Iron Cardboard Robot Cosplay

Man, it's been FOREVER since we hosted Iron Cardboard Robot Cosplay! The idea is simple, teams of 3 participants will have 75 minutes to make and model a robot costume constructed from cardboard, foil, construction paper, tape, and a SECRET INGREDIENT.

After 75 minutes, each team will be scored by a panel of judges who will give insightful critiques. The team with the highest score will win the title of IRON CARDBOARD ROBOT, prize swag, and a shiny plaque to hang up with pride!

The Official KnightroKon VIP Party 

KnightroKon doesn't end Sunday evening like most conventions! The con keeps going with the OFFICIAL VIP PARTY that will take place at the awesome BBoy Spot, located close to UCF. Only $5 to get in with a KnightoKon pass and there will be FREE BEER to make things more fun!

There will be live nerdy music from awesome acts such as HD Ninja, MagiTek, and MC Wreckshin. Skill Focus will be rocking some kick-ass burlesque. Then Benjamin Briggs will be back for ROUND TWO so make sure you keep your glowsticks! If you want to make sure you don't miss this party, then RSVP here!

KnightroKon is going to give you some serious bang for your buck this year and we're happy to help out again! Propeller Anime will have more details right here as we get closer to the convention. We look forward to seeing you there!

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