Sunday, March 10, 2013

Our MegaCon 2013 Schedule!

Our schedule for MegaCon, Florida's largest comics, sci-fi, ANIME, and gaming convention, is up! We'll be hosting SIX panels in the anime event track and a couple of them will be co-hosted with our friends at Anime Spot! We hope to see you at the Orange County Convention Center March 15th - 17th.

Here is what you should make time for in-between the dealers room and partying!


Running A Successful Anime Club (co-hosted with Anime Spot!)
1PM - 2PM in Anime Main Events (w230 A-B)

Ever wanted to start an anime club or take yours to the next level? The leaders of Florida’s top clubs will show you how to get started, build a membership, promote, and host awesome events!

Anime Ladies Who Kick Butt!

2PM - 3PM in Anime Main Events (w230 A-B)

In honor of Women’s History Month, Propeller Anime presents the toughest heroines of anime! We’ll be celebrating the kind of hot-blooded, badass women that would crush the sailor scouts and have your favorite shonen anime hero fixing them a sandwich!


Fresh From Japan: Best Of 2012 (co-hosted with Anime Spot!)
1PM - 2PM in Anime Main Events (w230 A-B)

The year 2012 was pretty a good year for anime! There were plenty of new and exciting shows that are definitely worth checking out. Plus there were some cool movies as well. Discover the absolute best of latest anime!

The Best After-Party at MegaCon on Saturday night!
Our friends at Skill Focus: Burlesque will be doing a special show near the convention center Saturday night that will be very awesome! Their theme will be "Classic Consoles" and you can find out more here.


30 Years Of Gainax

NOON - 1PM in Anime Panels (w230D)

Gainax has been a cornerstone in Japanese animation for 30 years. Join us as we take a look at this historic anime production studio that has always been made for fans by fans.

Intro Into Mecha Anime For Modern Fans
3PM - 4PM in Anime Main Events (w230 A-B)

Do you like high school anime comedies? Of course not! This panel will introduce you to the action-packed world of giant robots and hot-blooded pilots. There will be explosions! There will be melodrama! This isn't about your dad's copy of Robotech!

Anime Directors You Should Know About

4PM - 5PM in Anime Main Events (w230 A-B)

In American cinema, there are film directors who are revered. As far as Japanese animation goes, Hayao Miyazaki is widely known. But there are other great directors! This will be a showcase of more than several anime directors, their styles & influences, and most critical works.

If you thought the fun stopped there, we'll be keeping the party going! Head on over to Taste for the official, unofficial post-MegaCon St. Patrick's Day party.
The official, unofficial post-MegaCon St. Patrick's Day Party!
It's the Orlando stop of the "Now, You're All Gonna Pay!" tour featuring Random aka Mega Ran, Louis Logic, MC Wreckshin, and more! RSVP here.

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