Monday, December 10, 2012

Thanks For Coming To Our Holiday Party!

Awesome haul!
We did it! And by we, not just Propeller Anime, but all of us who came out to the holiday party at Bikkuri on Saturday night! As you can see, a lot of fantastic donations were brought in and The MAP Foundation will work hard on getting these distrusted to charities for kids and teenagers so they can have an awesome holiday!

But that's not all! 

Between all the money brought in from the door and raffle, we not only covered the costs of the event, but we made a profit of $300 that we have donated to The MAP Foundation to use to help those who are less fortunate than us this holiday!

We can not state in words how happy we are with how successful this event was. Thank you all for coming out and bringing such energy and love to the event.

Thanks for the ornaments, Nancy!
What we all did on Saturday night was a wonderful thing and regardless of whether you like anime, comics, videogames, burlesque, nerdcore, or just partying, we all came together and made things special for a lot of kids.

Shout outs to Mega Ran, Skill Focus: Burlesque, MC Wreckshin, HD Ninja, Chalk Twins, and funky49 for performing and working hard to make things exciting throughout the night. You all have my gratitude. Please support and follow them by checking out their events, music, or art. That would be so awesome!

I would personally like to thank my crew who helped out last night which included Shane, Jonathan, Crystal, Nancy, Coty, Jacob, Shawn, Dan,  Alison, and Chris for helping out throughout the night. And a massive thanks to Chozo for running sound and consulting me when planning the event!

Thanks to our sponsors Funimation Entertainment, Discotek Media, MegaCon, C.E.O. Gaming, Knightrokon, and Holiday Matsuri for providing prize support for our raffle and, in some cases. showing up to the event! Fans, please support these groups by buying their anime or checking out their events!

Fantastic anime showings with very cool people!

We will definitely be doing a holiday charity party next year! And along with that and our anniversary party in October, we hope to have one or two more events of the scope of last Saturday night during the year. The next one won't be until after MegaCon but stay tuned for updates!

HOWEVER, we are still committed to showing great anime from different eras and genres to the public, so we have not only one, but TWO showings at A Comic Shop's Geek Easy this month!

The first will be this Friday, December 14th at 8pm! We're hosting a double feature which includes Tokyo Godfathers and we'll have treats and eggnog while they last! Find out more here and RSVP on Facebook!

Then at the end of the year on Saturday, December 29th at 1pm, we'll be hosting a "Best of 2012" marathon of the top five anime TV series that aired in Japan this year! What a great way to catch up on the latest anime or see if your fandom has been validated! Details will come next week!

Once again, thank you all for the support, love, and donations this past weekend. We all stepped up and did something great for the community here in Orlando. Have a joyful holiday!

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