Friday, May 27, 2011

Next Propeller Anime Club meeting on Sunday, June 5th!

The next Propeller Anime Club meeting will be Sunday, June 3rd at 2:30PM at Full Sail in Building 3F, room FS3F-115. Note the time and room change. You can view an interactive campus map here.

With Conquerors of Neo-Orlandia coming up at AFO and it heavily influenced by cyberpunk anime and movies, we thought it would be best to show off an anime that has been a form of inspiration for Neo-Orlandia: Armitage III.

Earlier in the day, open auditions for Conquerors of Neo-Orlandia tavern characters will be taking place. So immediately get any hopefuls on the same page(and to also attract some new club members) we'll actually be showing the feature FIRST. We won't make a habit of this but we hope many of you come out and see the movie; it's really good.

Planned Schedule

2:30PM - Introduction and News
2:40PM - Armitage III
4:15PM - Record of Lodoss War 9 & 10
5:10PM - Intermission(This means hang out, get food, etc.)
5:35PM - Diebuster 3 & 4
6:35PM - Durarara!! 9 & 10

Here are more details about what we are showing:


Last time in Record of Lodoss War, we saw two great episodes that ended one arc and started another. Parn's tenure as a holy knight of King Faan came to an end when the king fell to Emperor Beld's sword. Karla, who had possessed Leylia's mind and body, immediately killed Beld so that neither side could have full domination of Lodoss. 

Later, Leylia was freed by Ghim and the others but Karla the Grey Witch has found a new body to possess in the thief Woodchuck. Now, Parn is forced to go to the dangerous Marmo island(where Beld's forces have regrouped to under his general Ashram) and will have to overcome new obstacles.

We started Diebuster at the last meeting. It's sequels of sorts to Gunbuster and is directed by FLCL's Kazuya Tsurumaki. The influence of FLCL's style is heavy in Diebuster. Nono is a naive, clumsy girl that wants to be a part of the robot-piloting organization known as "Topless." 

After meeting a real Buster Machine pilot, Lal'C, it turns out that she is an android who can kill space monsters with a single kick, but only after she rips off her shirt exposing her chest. It's unknown why Nono was built but now she desires to be the pilot of the newest, strongest Buster Machine.

A plot is beginning to surface in Durarara!! For a while now, we've gotten used to the characters and now the pieces of the puzzle are finally being put down on the table! We discovered that the rough and tough Shizuo has a younger brother who is a movie star. When Shizuo sees his brother's movie poster, it provokes a lot of feelings and flashbacks but after talking to Celty, he calms down and accepts that he loves his brother.

As for Celty, she desires to have her head back after having many dreams about being unable to claim it but is told by Shinra she doesn't need it. Later on she has a dream about being whole and her head resembles that of the red-haired girl that Seiji is with. This girl will be the focus of the next couple episodes.

We look forward to seeing you on June 5th! Lots of fun times will be had and great anime will be seen!

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