Monday, June 21, 2010

Recap of yesterday's meeting! 6/21/10 edition!

We did it! After nearly two years, we watched an actual robot anime! All hail Shoji Kawamori!


  • We had two new members show up! They are both in Film at Full Sail and we hope they'll keep coming out to meetings and hangouts!
  • Speaking of hangouts, we are getting together with UCF's Anime Spot for bowling this Saturday at 1pm! It will be at Boardwalk Bowl on East Colonial Drive and Rouse Road. RSVP here.
  • Over summer break, we'll have a super robot anime potluck for those staying in town! Details later.
  • Don't forget about Kanpai, Anime! at Tatame's Lounge on June 29th!

  • In Baccano!, we discovered that the Rail Tracer was a conductor on the train that has ties to the Gandor family. In the time jump after the train incident, he offers them his assassination services. He's brutal dude; that is for sure!
  • Dallas and his thugs steal immortality elixir with their new found immortality only to get robbed by Isaac and Miria who mistake it for booze!
  • Ladd Russo shoots a kid in the head, but doesn't know he's immortal. You don't piss off Ladd Russo!
  • Ladd has an epic fight on the top of a train with the quiet girl in the black dress who is deadly with a knife!
  • In Gungrave, Grave avenges his old friends and takes out Balladbird Lee.
  • Bear Walken, who is also enhanced, brought a sword to a gun fight and dies pretty easily.
  • In Samurai 7, a new Samurai is recruited who can catch arrows very easily. His name is Katayama Gorobei and, like Kambei, he was also in the Great War.
  • Katsuhiro was trying to hold hands with Kirara~
  • Ukyo, lusting for Kirara even more, sends Blonde samurai Kyuzo to take out Kambei. Kambei prefers for him to join the other but he would rather fight instead. He beats him in battle but lets Kambei live. Kambei wants Kyuzo to join even more.
  • Fuzzy showed up because we had an anime about robots. We hadn't shown anything with that since 2008! Macross Plus had a lot of fun going on and had some beautiful animation!
The meeting went longer than planned. My apologies! However, everyone who watched Macross Plus is now a better anime fan! In addition to the badass mecha scenes, there was also a carefully played love triangle, an interesting take on futuristic concerts, and even a resolution between two old friends and longtime rivals.

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