Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Orlando Anime Day on January 30th

A weird event popped out of nowhere recently, called "Orlando Anime Day." I really don't know what it is about or who is running it. Nobody else who is important in the local anime community does either. However, it is something to do and it's free if you get a coupon off of the website(or you could pay $3 at the door).

It looks like it will have a video room, dealer room, and costume contest; which is about as bare minimum as an anime event can get. It's also in Kissimmee at the Ramada that JACON was at until that convention uneventfully died.

The event is January 30th and unfortunately that is the same weekend as the Global Game Jam some of us are participating in. If any of you want to go, I'd suggest carpooling and letting the rest of us know how it went afterward.

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